Yes, it is the monthly JDM Meet coverage time again. Big change of pace for last night’s meet. Due to countless location issues over the past few months, we decided to bite the bullet and hold the event in a completely different area on the north side of Brisbane. I actually scouted the location a few times and a few of us came to the decision that it would be a dope hang out for a car meet.

Anyway, lo and behold we held the meet there. It went really well…actually, fuck that, it was massive. Around 60+ cars fronted for the meet, which is huge for a Monday night and a guaranteed late finish. The new location plays host to some great lighting and just a general awesome backdrop; luscious grass and shit so I think everyone dug the new spot. Parking turned out to be an issue with some people parking just far enough to warrant exercise to get there…and no one likes exercise.

Good to see so many lads and ladies getting behind the car scene. The JDM meets also seem to be really improving our reputation with the law, judging by the good reception we got from two undercover cops on the night. Looks like this spot is a keeper.


SRP16 is such a awesome example of how S13s should be done.


Polished XD9s are definitely something you don’t see every day.


Duane’s E21 Bimmer is rocking a boosted Commodore V6 donk under the hood. Insanely left of field but I dig it a lot. Should see how hard this thing squats under power as well.


Jamie’s 14, just goes to show you don’t need much to make a 14 look dope.


Brad’s 2K rocking his brand spanking new supercharger set up, expecting 500hp at the rears. QLD’s Best 2K? You’re looking at it.


Here in Aus, especially Queensland, practically no one fiddles with bimmers with the stance mantra in mind. Sure, there are tonnes of worked ones, but they just are not sitting right or even street driven at all. Luckily, Levi has his shit together. The amount of comments I overheard about his E30 on the night was crazy, but the praise is well deserved. Just look at it.


How rad is this Colt? Has heaps of choice mods on it and is making some pretty decent power from what I’m told.


There is a dude on the forums who is running ITBs in his DC5, and I’m 90% sure it was this one. Cut as I didn’t get to check it out.


Kyrin has been been a part of the meets for ages with his Chaser, however he has not attended a meet in a long time for a multitude of reasons. He turned up for this meet in the Chaser again, and my god had I missed seeing it. It is now sporting a full kit and sitting insanely low, yet he still slides at that height (mad props). Told Kyrin I definitely want to shoot the car, so expect to see more of JZ100.


Nathan’s Autech 15 was out at the meet. Damn, his car sits well.


Told Chuong to move his car somewhere more lit so I could grab some shots for him. His Evo VI has always been a favourite of mine, even before him and I were buds. You might remember shots of it on 34 GTR wheels, however Chuong now rocks some Rota Grids which suit the car oh so well in my opinion. From memory he is making around 298awkw, which is massive power for an Evo. However the best part of the car is it’s idle; it is so raw and lumpy, almost everyone loves it…

…aside from those that like wearing special blue uniforms and who like flashing lights.

That’s it for now. it is like 1:30am and I need sleep. Hope ya’ll enjoyed the shots.