Thought I might throw a bit of a run down out first. Since it has been a fair few weeks between posts for myself. As many of you will know as of late I have been taking Downshift to the main events that have been occurring here in Queensland, Aus. It was my first time organizing cars, stands, people basically everything under the sun. Shit has been insanely hectic, mainly because I have had to come to grips with doing things I previously had no idea how to do.

Regular readers will of course know that we hit Jamboree up first. Myself and Foy then attended the 4 day pilgrimage to Powercruise (which yes, I know I have yet to post the Sunday article, it will be up shortly). Autosalon was then to be held around 20 or so days after Powercruise, I had emailed them probably 3 weeks prior asking for some form of deal as their prices were through the fucking roof. 11 days out from Autosalon I got a call from the Autosalon Organisers saying they would love to have us there. Cue stupidly busy week and mad rush to get it all together. Ended up getting it done and taking 5 cars and the stand there, for what was one of the best weekends ever. Then the week after Autosalon, Japanese Nationals was to be held, so in typical Downshift fashion another crazy week of last minute prep. But we once again somehow pulled it out of our ass and took 6 cars to Jap Nats.

These past weeks have been tiring to say the least, not to mention the now 500 or so pics I have to sift through and edit for here. So sorry in advance for the features of events that are months/weeks old. However on a good note, we are getting a strong building of the Downshift family. What started as Ben and Myself and then widened to Matyi and Foy. Now includes Phil from Virginia in the US of A, who I am sure you are all acquainted with. We also have another bro Justin from Sydney who is yet to post. We are also getting a few other guys on board, from local guys to interstate doods. So things are looking hell good for content overload.

Luckily since my slack ass chugs at getting shit out haha.

Thought I would throw the shots up of this past JDM Meet. Not much to say, so will let the pics do the talking.

Alex’s RX was out once again, having attended both Jamboree and Autosalon with the Downshift stand this bro is officially one of the crew haha. Not to mention how awesome his Subi sits, those Rota GForces suit that shit so well.

This shot is unfortunately all gay and blurry. But I had to post it up anyway. This Cube came out of fucking no where, seriously where did it come from. Didnt get a chance to chat to the owner but my god it is awesome. Would love to know more about it, specs of wheels and all that jazz. Anyone who knows the owner please contact us. Car is way to badass to let slide.

This E36 has been around for some years now, first chance to get a solid look. Didnt get a peak under the hood but still my god it looks tough. Nothing like a properly stacked German…car or girl.

Ty’s 14 sitting flush next to a super clean Chaser. Which sounded very tough when it left, have seen it out a few times but didn’t really take notice till this time. Have a huge soft spot for the J series.

Was awesome to see a good mate Zac head out in his super clean 15. Everyone was loving it, how can you not with those XD9s under the guards. Probably looks very familiar to regular readers. That is because I met Zac out at the morning sessions, so this is far from a hardparker.

Ben also rolled out in his newly purchased Micra, such rad dailies.

Emilio and Jonoo’s Civics.

this 32 GTS-T might be rocking generics, but it is how Skylines should be done. Due to the ever annoying Nissan bow, which is the bow in the exhaust where it meets the rear axle, no one gets Skylines low enough. Good to see someone taking a very good stab at it.

Charlie and Matt’s MX’s sitting flush and low as always. So good to see properly built 5’s pop up.

Nick is more well known for his Teal/Turquoise 32 GTR rolling on polished Simmons FR19s. You might remember it from a JDM meet a few months back. I had no idea he owned two 32 GTRs, let alone possibly the cleanest example I have ever seen. Bone stock apart from 34 GTR wheels and a cat back exhaust system. It really shows that Nissan got it so fucking right the first time round. Nicks example is in such immaculate condition. I take my hat off to the man for keeping one un-molested and in show room condition.

No this is not the owner, just some professional gay model who posed with it.

Everyone deep down has a ‘car of the meet’ in all honesty mine wasn’t the little black Nissan Cube. No it was Charles’s absolutely badass JZX100 Chaser. Everything about the car reeks awesome. The stance with the Work Eurolines up front and Work XT7’s on the rear both sitting super flush. The 420rwhp 1JZ sitting under the bonnet. The full Bride trimmed interior. No stone left unturned and fuck is it noticeable. Definitely looking forward to seeing this out more and hopefully shooting it in the near future.

Steve came out in his WRX, with its ever present dog box whine. Mass love for this car, it just sits so right. Plus steve is a super nice guy always happy to shoot the shit with me and have some laughs.

I had all these shots lined up of Ant’s car, the gold starlet. But his headlights were mega bright and ruined all my shots haha.

I did get a shot of his mega cool Haltech Dash Cluster though. Also notice he sparks a freaky resemblance to that gay model who was posing with Charles Chaser?? All jokes aside Ant’s car is a class build, I am yet to see another GT Starlet with the same amount of time, effort and quality as his. Maybe next time his lights will be off when I am taking pics.

Steve, Ant and Ty leaving after hanging around shooting the shit with me and having some laughs. Good friends, good life, great cars.

Feels to to be posting on the site again, been far to long. Hope you enjoyed it all and are now up to speed with why I have been mega slack. Not to worry tonnes more features to come over the next week or so. So stay tuned and as always stay safe.