I was sitting at a fancy restaurant for breakfast with the folks many years ago, when I caught a glimpse of this amazing lime/apple colour that appeared from nowhere. What I then proceeded to see was one of the toughest and aggressive looking cars I had ever seen. The shape and proportions were so right, the width of the wheels was insane, and the mind blowing wide guards were something I had never seen before. The bark of the exhaust and completely un-subtle whistle from the turbo had my jaw on the floor. What I was looking at, was in fact what would turn out to be my hero car. A car that is in my opinion the best there ever will be. That car is none other than the widow-maker; the Porsche 993 GT2.

Many years have passed since then. These days my 993 fix can only be had on Forza and similar digital shit. The rarity and insane asking price, matched with the pathetic laws we have in Australia means that I never ever get to see my hero in person. Before you ask, yes, this post does have a meaning behind it. You see, a good mate of mine, Sam, is a bit of a Porsche nut. Actually, his whole family are and I guess being a certified Porsche nut myself we relate well. His 930 is an amazing car built with track in mind it is completely purposeful and his dads 996 Gt3 is, well, a GT3 which I am sure everyone is familiar with. But more on them another time. You see, they have just welcomed a new guest to the family. Sam’s Mum has joined the Porsche tea party. Oh yes, I think you know where this is going.

Firstly, no Sam’s family did not get a 993. For the majority of the late 80’s and early 90’s Porsche were building the best shaped cars that they have ever done. So what did they buy then? None other than a 964 GT2, which apart from trainspotting differences is relatively the exact same car. As you can imagine when I was informed of this through text, my knees went weak and I instantly demanded a photo shoot. Well here it is, the Ribena coloured 964 GT2 in all it’s glory. And my, does it possess a shit load of glory.


The whole stance the car possess is nothing short of amazing. It is a neck snapper, that is for sure, both looks wise and performance wise. The car actually has been fettled with in the past…it no longer possess the standard turbo, as it has a bigger ball bearing version instead. It also has a stainless steel exhaust and a screamer pipe of all things. According to the previous owner, the car was tuned by Penske Racing in the states (Google them if you are not clued up) and apparently makes 450bhp. That is a big number no matter how you look at it, but even more so when you learn that the car is still running the stock airbox and intercooler. However, when it comes on boost it certainly lets you know why it was dubbed the “widow-maker” by so many journalists.


Sam originally voiced his dislike for the colour, however I think the wild colours that Porsche used back in the early 90’s are the best. It really stands out, makes you take notice of how truly badass the car is. As you can see we did the shoot at night, so the car actually looks to be a midnight purple colour. However in the day it is more of a Ribena/Grape/Grimace of Maccas fame colour.


So if Sam’s car featured in Transformers 3, this is what it would transform into. Basically it is a closer resemblance to Grimace’s colour. I guess just picture a purple form the 80’s.


Hope you all digged the shots. If you are looking for bigger shit to throw on your desktop, click the image then it will load my flickr page and you should be able to select a 1240 size. Oh and also notice the new watermark (the previous one was getting a bit lame). Give me some feedback on what you think.