Recently, a good friend of mine invited me to check out his workplace. Now ordinarily, this would be a moderately attractive invitation, but when your friend works as a graphic designer for one of Australia’s most prominent and longest-established V8 Supercar teams, Dick Johnson / Jim Beam Racing, this becomes a whole different kettle of fish.

Livery Guide

Steve at work

Because their major sponsor Jim Beam changed their branding, they needed some stills and a little video for the unveiling of the new ‘liquid’ livery on their race cars, #17 and #18, driven by James Courtney and Steven Johnson. While I am personally not the biggest V8 fan and more into imports, this was a great opportunity to see the workings of a professional racing team, so I dropped everything and jumped in the rental to get down there by the appointed time!

2010 livery


I reckon Steve did an awesome job, the new livery looks the goods!

Thanks Steve

On getting there, I had my quick brief for the video and stills, and got to work. On with the pics, click for wallpaper size on my flickr.



Head on

After finishing the required images for the press release, I moseyed on through the workshops and store rooms and paint booth and vinyl cutting room and some other spots.. The thing that strikes you immediately on walking in, is just how insanely CLEAN everything is. No crap on the floor, no spilled fluids, no parts lying around, but perfect order, cleanliness and organisation. Did these guys do a course in lean production and 5S in the workplace from Toyota?

Spare doors:

Spare doors

The cars get all new Alcon pads and discs EVERY ROUND, for safety and drivers’ peace of mind. My question is, what would it take to get the leftovers so I can hock them on the forums?

Brake discs

Brake discs

Aero and intake bits, various dry carbon (grey) and carbon-kevlar (yellow):

CF snorkels


The cold room with the tyres smelled rank. Apparently they last longer in cool, dry air though. The team has an arrangement with Dunlop who actually ‘lends’ them the tyres, which are then drilled through, and sent back. Perhaps for examination or recycling?

Used rubber

Used rubber


Whole shop:

The shop

I took a few shots of the suspension, interior and engine bits and pieces, but the R&D, engineering and manufacturing of these is all done in-house, so no photos. Sorry guys.

Thanks for the tour and the heads-up Steve!