The monthly JDM Meets have become a staple diet here on Downshift, and there is a good reason for that. Not only do most of my homies roll out but also some of the raddest cars getting around the local Brisbane area front up for a good night with great people. No one, and I mean NO ONE, was expecting what happened at the recent June End of Month Meet (EOMM).

A few of us ‘old school’ crew always rock up to the meet early to hardpark in the prime spot and also make sure no riff raff is there before the meet starts. What we witnessed this time was in fact over 120+ cars flowing into the meeting spot for what was by far the most insane meet we have had in the 3 years we have been running it. The amount of cars and people outnumbered any previous meet by such a large margin it wasn’t funny. I was blown away and so amped that so many cars fronted. It really shows that the QLD scene is taking off and that truly dope cars are around…you just have to get them out of the woodwork.

Much love:



Let’s start this shit with a bang. My homie Ash’s EG is easily a favorite of mine in the scene. The whole car oozes badass and unbelievably he has big things to come for it. Watch this space.


Never liked the look of Colts, but this one looks pretty rad. Funky little cars.


Charlie, the owner of this Miata, is posssibly the fastest modifier I have met…every week he has some new epic part on the car. It has progressed so far since he first took ownership, and there are only big things to come from this one.


I wouldn’t put ‘Best MPS in QLD’ past this example. What I find funny is most people instantly assume it is owned by some dude, when in fact it is owned by a girl *cue jaw dropping*. Rachie has sick taste in car style that is for sure; just look at how those Gforces are sitting under the guards. Rotas or not it looks hell good.


This EK and S2000 were pretty popular for the crowd (I think the wheels helped). The EK was rolling on some tight as SSR Type C’s and the S2000 on some suspiciously good fitting TE37s. I say suspiciously because the TE37s have no concave which gives the impression they are running spacers, but they weren’t. Boggles the mind.


This FD merely had wheels on the exterior, but my god it looked good. Mazda got it sooo right when they designed this.


Bee’s 35 now rockin’ some coils and sitting very nice. Love the shape.


Crazy fitment on these SSR Reverse Meshes (loving the blue as well).


SRP16 never ceases to turn heads wherever it goes. Those Wedsport Bavillions look absolutely amazing under its guards. He also slides it in the exact same stance which is so killer to see.


Seems like girl’s in QLD know their shit when it comes to cars. Most CRX’s look so bad and are just not well looked after. Steph’s, on the other hand, is almost flawless. The purple Work VS-XX’s are something you definitely won’t see too often, if at all. Crazy how off the wall colours just work sometimes.


Sharpy is a good bud of mine and everyone knows his 180. Big things to come from this as well, so watch this space.


Well here is a car we never see on here…yeah, not really. Brad’s 2k is always changing and he was sans a roof at this past meet. Really looking forward to shooting this car whenever he feels it is finished.


Nothing really compares to a GTR. There is no denying they hold a presence unlike any other Jap import. These three definitely prove that the GTR is the Japanese Muscle car. Johno’s 32 GTR rocking the BBS LM’s looks so clean it could almost be factory. Having a mindblank on the owner of the 34’s name (which sucks…sorry mate) but the car looks awesome none the less. LM-GT4’s are no doubt one of the best wheels to slot on a GTR. Full C-West kit is something you definitely will not see everyday. Lastly, Nicks 32: now this car snapped necks all night long. Not only from the crazy teal ice-cream paint job, but also from the intense looking polished Simmons FR19’s. I remember seeing this car over a year ago when it was silver with some 34 GTR wheels…oh how it has changed since then.

Was such an awesome meet. Was really great to chill with the regular homies and also meet some new ones. Always great to put names to faces and meet new bros. Oh so amped to see what the next one brings, that is for sure.