In the past 2 years, Time Attack has gained serious worldwide appeal. From humble beginnings deep inside Japan and Europe outside of the limelight, it has suddenly gained momentum and is now prominent in the U.S as well. As we all know, the States are currently killing it in the stance game, and they are now taking over in the Time Attack game. The move to mainstream has been a little slower here in Aus (actually, a lot slower). 2010 is, technically speaking, the year of Aussie time attack, with the time attack worlds being held in May down at Eastern Creek. And, of course, we will be there.

What I wasn’t expecting was that the usual Time Attack events that are held on a more regular basis here in Queensland would have exploded to the extent they have today. On the weekend just passed I went out to support a mate and get some shots of him and his EG out on the track. I was definitely not expecting the badass shit that rolled out for the day. When I look back at our first feature, which was a Saturday time attack session, it is insane how much the quality of machines has increased 1000 fold in such a short amount of time. It is good to see a form of motor sport that I love so much growing so fast here in Aus.

Not much more to say, so roll on the pics.


Time Attack guys always have great taste in wheels. The 33 sounded amazing at full noise down the straight (also, nice colour coordinating with the lug nuts).


You know you’re baller when you peddle a C63 AMG for a circuit car. Plates are also a laugh.


Got brakes? 355’s to be exact. Expect to see this animal a lot more. Tess and Trent from Mercury Motor sport are on the hunt for 1200hp.


One of the many Evo’s that I had never seen before, yet had crazy money put into it and was so well prepared. This one had some DC Shoe & Co sponsoring and was rocking matte paint. Would love to know more as it was running super consistent (and fast) 1:01’s all day long.


Why is this not sideways?


This VI was crazy fast, but looked totally stock.


My boy Alex getting out and throwing his EG around. Once again it is on different wheels from the other times it has appeared on here, but massive props to him for going out and using the car, especially with that fitment.


This little 130i was piloted by Alex’s mate Matt’s dad. He is a gun behind the wheel and was running in the top group with the big Evo’s and STI’s. Was also posting some insane lap times at 1:02sec.


Clean Aristo & Evo VIII. Also Robbie’s DC5 was out, of which I am a HUGE fan of Wedsport SA90’s and Robbie’s car in general.


Now this car was not only the fastest car of the day, but also the most insane. It posted a 58sec lap time which was so out of control and insane it had everyone’s jaws on the floor. I am not positive on the details of it, but apparently it makes around 450hp and my does it use all of that. Pissed I cannot show you all a video of it or something.


Evo’s are always inconspicuous track cars. The things that give this IX away are the brakes and the carbon Ralliart mirrors. I was also in love the the Ralliart Special wheels; very LM-GT4ish. Which leads me to believe Nismo, TRD and Ralliart were all given similar wheels by Rays for whatever reason.


These were on the top of a trailer when we arrived. I first thought the wheels were CE28N’s but after closer inspection it seems they are actually Rota DPT’s. However, being wrapped in Advan AO50s is not cheap. So I was thinking: ‘what the hell would be using DPT’s and AO50s as it’s spares?’…

…and then I saw it…


What is by far one of the most insane track Evos in Aus. The money put into this car is truly unbelievable and it had what looked like a full on team alongside it. With their laptops and shit out every single lap, big dollars for sure. Just look over the car and you will keep noticing the best of the best parts. HKS Carbon intake, lobster welded titanium exhaust, carbon doors, bonnet, diffuser. It was also running a full sequential gearbox. This is more like something you would see in the states, or Japan. So good to see people and money getting behind Time Attack.

Props to Mercury Motorsport for supporting and getting behind Time Attack. Also if anyone has any info on the Evo’s posted please comment and I will get in contact with you. Remember click picture, select 1240 for wallpaper.