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Lack of updates is due to us trying to throw ideas around for Downshifts Birthday Bash, which we are prepping to be all kinds of amazing, so watch this space.

I decided to sift though my old event pics, and realized that I had not posted the shots from the 2009 Jamboree which was in September last year. Jamboree is one of the premier events here in Queensland, it has been running for around 19 years now I think which is a ridiculously good effort for an event. Although in hindsight there isn’t really any competition. Jamboree is based around class Drag Racing, with the usual Street class all the way up to pro class, although in recent years they have introduced a show and shine which is good so those who don’t want to break their hardparked rides can still win a trophey hah.

The good thing about the Jamboree Show and Shine is that it is filled with mainly hardcore track cars and other track orientated cars. Which is what I like to see, no one likes bling at a race track, kinda defeats the purpose of being there. So enjoy the pics, as some of the cars are top examples from Queensland, especially Alex from GT Auto’s absolutely amazing FD RX7.


This may be powered by an RB20, but Mario’s 32 GTST is actually making some decent power, around 340rwhp.


Justin’s 32 GTR is all kinds of amazing, although unfortunately he is wanting to sell it. The car is ready for track work, is making 580awhp and everything needed to run that power without blowing shit up. If anyone is interested shoot him an email on


The King of Time Attack here in Aus, Mark Berry’s Widebody 650hp R34 GTR is a monster in every sense of the word.


Low 10’s and high 9’s from factory should cement the owners of these in the book of mad men.


GT Auto’s ‘MOTEC’ has been around for quite some time, however not many people had seen it before. He jumped on the track on semi slicks, ran a 10.3 and was kicked out. I think the plates will tell you all that is is running some serious shit under that bonnet.


This CRX was supporting some great fitment, and an odd choice of paint, Harlequin. However the Rota Slipstreams were a bit of a let down, nothing beats real Regamaster Evo’s.


What is everyone looking at you might ask?….


…. uhhhh yeah this, 1150awhp and the most spastic exhaust note ever heard. The Godzilla Lizard didn’t have shit on this.


75INZ is once again another car proving GT Auto definitely have what it takes to build goliaths in the import scene. This FD is actually pretty famous in the Queensland car scene as it was one of the first to really push some serious power. Now supporting a bridge ported 13b with a t51r making around 600rwhp it is one hell of a weapon. Also who doesn’t love those polished Buddy Club P1’s.


Old school cool ftw


So we see here what not to do. Blitz stickers haha seriously what on earth would it be running that is Blitz.



Aza’s 6.5 was on show, as you may remember it was featured last year.


Wasn’t expecting to see a Clubman out there, but oh well still looked cool. Well as cool as a car with retarded doors for a boot can look.


So yeah, what can I say other than, this car takes my breathe away. The wheels, the engine, the parts are all nothing short of the best of the best. It also makes 360rwkw on piss all boost and is tracked quite a lot. So much love for this car.


hahaha Holy shit this is mental


This Datto 1200 Ute runs 8’s, also notice the snow on the intercooler. Liquid Nitrogen cooler ftw?


Setup on a 7sec FD RX7

Unfortunately I didn’t get many awesome action shots for whatever reason. But here are some decent ones I managed to get.

Boosted DC2 ran a best of 11.2, damn fast for a FWD street car.


How to skid a bike 101..


This little APC Evo has ran a best of 9.1 I think, open to corrections.


Posted a shot of this CRX in the Honda Dyno Day post, this is where it proved it can run an 11.9 with a Turbo D Series.
Also as a treat for all those reading my blog, here is a hella shitty shot of some of the gorgeous girls that are at every Jamboree. Also have a go at the sponsoring on the drag car haha.