Cruise 4 Kids 2011 was held on Sunday May 29th to raise money for Westmead Children’s Hospital. The first Cruise 4 Kids was held back in 2008 with 2,500 cars in attendance, and raising over $18,000 for cancer research. This year the cruise raised $46,779.70 for Westmead, with a $10 donation per car at Homebush meet up, raffles, auctions and sponsors. There was an estimated 3-4,000 cars this year, and both carparks at Homebush (one holds 3,000 cars) were getting near capacity around 10:30am. As you can see from the photos, the variety of cars was insane.

This was the line up to get into P5 carpark at homebush at 9:30am.

This Supra was one of the first cars to catch my eye with its rare Abflug wide body kit, bright red paint and hilarious number plate; the car caused quite a stir on its arrival.

Keeping with the JDM theme, we have this tidy looking 06 WRX STI. Its stock body had painted STI wheels, roof spoiler and suspension – showing how simple can sometimes be best.  

For something different we have this AMG Mercedes that is running a Lexus V8 under the hood. The car was in immaculate condition, and was one of the most unique rides on the cruise.

This was one of the cleanest mini trucks there; airbagged on wire wheels, clean paint job and a light green leather interior. 

Now, this is probably the most unique car on the cruise – a ’56 Cadillac. This car was huge, the restoration work was flawless, the roof has been chopped slightly (hence number plates), new heels, paint and chrome trim. Imagine driving this beast of a car everyday – it seemed to go forever!

For the rotary fans, we have RA13BE; a well known car in the rotary circles. It’s hard to miss with the bright yellow paint, and insane amount of dished FR simmons.

For the Datto crowd there was TRYPAS 1600. Tubbed rear end, sitting on billet wheels, flawless paint.

Will have more from homebush and the meet up in Camden in PT2.