5. Charlie Hadfields MX5


The biggest reason why Charlie made the Top 10 and in fact just made the Top 5 was because this car was literally built in a year. Purchased in February as a totally stock Mx it is now what I would deem as the best stanced one in QLD, possibly Australia. In such a short amount of time Charlie has certainly built a super qualified car. I have known Charlie for quite a few years now, we used to work together at Target, and I remember him giving me shit for wanting to buy an MX5. Then after he bought a shithouse S13 and started trawling forums he came across JDMST and it’s substantial appearance gallery. So after he went through all 50 pages of the MX5 Appearance thread, we land at today, with him owning one of the best ones in the country.

JDMST Christmas 2010
JDMST Christmas 2010

Charlie’s Mx has changed look so many times in one year it is almost laughable. But the car has grown more and more proper as Charlie has toyed with different setups. Starting out of course with the stocko’s, he quickly moved on to a set of Axis OG Oldschools in gold. He rocked them for the longest period until he finally stepped his game up again purchasing one of the first sets of Rota Grid V’s in bronze. Most the crew told him he was stupid for not going genuine wheels, but when they arrived everyone was impressed by how badass they really looked. However Charlie was only smitten for a little while, as within 4 weeks he had them up for sale and had already ordered a set of Work Equip 03’s in gold of course. Getting his specs bang on this time, the car now looks ridiculously proper, it is amazing what genuine goods can do. Not only that but Charlie also runs a full roll cage, possibly the most sexual looking exhaust system I have ever seen as well as the always awesome Garage Vary front lip and a carbon boot lip. There are way to many mods and previous mods to list now, but it is so awesome to watch a car evolve right in front of me. Charlie also has big things in the works for the little Mx, with the exterior sorted for now he can focus on other things.

4. Todd Waldon’s S13


Now this will no doubt be the biggest surprise of the Top 10. Seeing Todd’s S13 as number 4 not number 1. I know a lot of you believe that his is by far the best car of 2010 but a few factors jumped out at me when I was throwing the list together. The main one being that Todd is unfortunately parting ways with the car, however a man who produces something like this will no doubt be back bigger and way badder next time around. The other being that the car is not street driven and only attends the Morning Drift Sessions. But do not get me wrong, I love this car…a lot and it deserves a Top 5.


I could rave about Todd’s car all day, every day. From the tubbed front end allowing for more lock, the built SR powered by a GT30/71r and bulletproof custom fabbing by the man Todd himself. The ridiculously intricate roll cage, custom cluster setup and flocked dash. The widebody and obscenely low ride height matched with the SSR AGLE’s, Work Rezax’s and Wedsport Kranze all in 18x 10″+. Everything on this car is super fucking badass, and seeing it slide creates a bulge in your pants that could cause embarrasment. It is everything you want in a car; loud, low, fast, gangster, stanced and for that he earns his place on the list.


3. Bobby Blinco’s EJ8 Civic


For those who know and have seen Bobby’s car this will come as no surprise that he took out 3rd on the list. For those who do not, looking at the pics should easily prove why this car deserves to be on here. Nothing looks as badass as a killer ITB setup when a bonnet is popped, and Bobby’s is practically a serial killer. This car was built purely to piss people off, it is ridiculously loud, way to fast to understand how and runs nothing but the absolute top of the line parts. The first time I saw Bobby’s car a little while back when my homie Alex linked me to some build pics, I remember a little bit of wee coming out when I saw it would have ITB’s on a K series and a carbon S2000 diffuser. Suffice to say in person, i pee’d all over myself.


Running a K20 swap stroked to a K22 and a full ITB setup, it makes past the region of 220fwhp. I honestly would not even know where to start with the parts on this car, but Defi gauges, a set of Brides, BYS front lip, full JDM Dc2 front end swap, Enkei RPF01’s, TE37s and CE28s, Endless brakes and the list could go on for centuries. When the car was Dyno’d at the Gold Coast Autosalon this year, it reached a frankly mind numbing (literally) highest decibel reading of 131Db. Also the look on peoples faces when they get absolutely munched by what is essentially a naturally aspirated 2.2 litre Honda is priceless. I can assure you, this Civic easily munches most things making almost double its power.


Bobby made the cut because not only is this one of the best Civic builds getting around, but it is not hardparked, it is driven hard, often. Built with track in mind, it gets tracked whenever Bobby has the time. This is what makes a car more well rounded in my opinion, street drivable (to an extent) yet also track capable. Not to mention this thing on full noise next to you, is really something to behold.

2. Anthony Donohoe’s S14


What can I say but Anthony’s S14 absolutely well and truly fucking kills it. The first time I saw this car was at Powercruise in September, myself and Jono were standing at the pitwall on the friday, watching the cars lining up in the pits waiting to go out. Then I spot from a mile away the sun reflecting off what can only be described as serious stretch on polished wheels. Before I even knew what car it was, I knew it was going to be gangster. The closer the car got the further my jaw dropped, the first thing I said to Jono was “Dude where the fuck did this 14 come from?” The car sits ridiculously badass, so much so that almost everyone on pitwall had their mouths open when it rolled past. I then practically ran down to the car while it was waiting to get on track, and told Jono I would stand there until the owner saw me and came over. 10min later Anthony came over and said hey, from then on we have been good mates.


The thing about Anthony’s 14 is that it is not merely stanced super hard, but it goes even harder. Running a built SR20 pushing figures around the 410rwhp mark this car is driven hard as well. What amazes me even more, is that it gets driven hard on that fitment with that stance a true inspiration right there. But an even bigger inspiration was finding out Anthony has owned this 14 for almost 10 years now…10 YEARS people, that is a insanely solid effort. Although it did not always look like this, over the years the car has evolved until it slowly made its way to is ultimate form. Those Professors are running serious stretch and are 11″ wide on the rear. The whole build is class, from the paint, to the engine, to the fuel system boot install to the essentially immaculate stock interior.


Good to see the boys all giving me some love here and there. The only reason that stopped Anthony from making Number 1, was the fact that the car appeared out of no where so late in the game. Also the fact that Anthony has 1 point left on his license and cannot warrant risking driving his slammed 14 around in case he does in fact lose his license, which means sadly he gets to attend very few events. However now that he is essentially part of the Downshift family I am sure he will attend more events with us, so look forward to smashing your jaw on the floor when you see this thing in person. With some notoriety under his belt and a few finishing touches on the car, Anthony is a fucking big contender for Number 1 spot in the 2011 Top 10.
Only 1 left, however those who know me and know my boys will have already worked out who it is. No awards for who guesses it, but for those who don’t know, look forward to seeing the post today? In my mind tomorrow haha.