That’s right, car nuts, Cars & Coffee is back. It was about 35F this morning, which kept a few away, but the adventurous kind came out in full style. It’s truly fantastic that so many different kinds of cars (and people) unite in one parking lot; everything from the latest Lamborghini straight off of the boat to a 1950s Mercedes 220S was there. This event grows as the weather gets warmer, but all year round it’s a surprise to see such variety bright and early Saturday morning.

View the entire album right here,

Speaking of that Mercedes 220S,

First gen 911!

Always a favorite to see. Sadly, this NA 563hp V8 beast is quiet as a mouse :/

I know the owner of the white (with wing) Countach and the day before he mentioned to me that he was going to “bring some friends.” Glad he didn’t disappoint :)
Hubba, hubba!

The wingless Countach has a white leather interior, factory. It’s only 1 of 3 ever made with this option. Oh yeah, he has about 65,000 miles on it!

Long nose of the Countach is long! Partly due to it being shot at 10mm.

Now, here was the biggest treat of all; a Gallardo Superleggera. Guy bought it in Texas (straight off of the boat), drove it 2,000mi back home. What a trip!

The Viper club is always in full swing with a great presence at the meet.

A Morris? Where’s the piano when I need it?!

Oh look an E Type Jag… Well, they’re always great, but this one is a little special. Any guesses? Yeah, it’s the V12 version!

With blue interior! How classy.

And here’s something that I would have never imagined seeing at this meet. I’ve seen this gem online on plenty of forums and magazines, but seeing one up close what an amazing sight. Yup, a Shelby Series 1.

And check out this rarity… ha, just kidding. It’s my grocery getter. B6 S4 avant 6spd :)

Stay tuned for next week.