Yes it is already is that time of year, we are coming towards the end of 2011 which means all the biggest car events are just around the corner. Jamboree is usually the first off the bat however due to rain and poor weather it was pushed back to the 1st and 2nd of October. Which means the first big event was Powercruise. I won’t lie in saying that I always look forward to the Powercruise events, something about the experience of the events is so visceral and exciting. It has something for everyone which I think is what has made the event so damn successful. With a year in year out entrant list of around 700+ cars and a total spectator attendance over the weekend being well into the thousands it certainly is the event for the masses. 2011 was no different with many familiar faces, some old ones and even some new ones turning out and showing everyone just what big horsepower is all about.

Powercruise doesn’t really need all that much of an introduction. But a brief run down of the event is definitely in need for those from overseas or the other enthusiasts who live under a rock. Basically think of 700 different modified cars, varying from 200hp all the way to 1600hp, some being proper drag cars, others being daily drivers and some are just combinations of everything. Put 45 of these cars on a track together at once, with no restrictions on passengers and no need for safety gear, now imagine what happens on the four long straights that Queensland Raceway has to offer. It is basically the closest damn thing to legalised street racing you will get, and while it seems more like a recipe for death and disaster, there actually has never been any properly serious crashes or injuries in the 3 years I have been attending.

As soon as I walked in the gates I spotted this Range Rover Supersport that was murdered the fuck out. What an awesome daily.



I decided to head straight for pitlane as the racing was already well under way by the time I got there. I saw Varun from 101 Motorsport lining up in his R32 GTR ’18OMU’. That stands for ‘I Bomb You’ for the slower readers. Varun and his GTR have been around for years, however the GTR is not as commonly well known as some of the other big hitting GTRs from up here in QLD. What most people don’t realise is that Varun’s GTR is possibly the biggest hitter of all. Twin T67’s, over 900rwhp and a 10.0 quarter mile time on street tyres at over 151mph proves that this is a whole other kind of monster. I only saw Varun out on track very briefly but I think it is safe to say that nothing else in the paddock was capable of keeping up with him.

Yep. RB25 powered eighty six.


It is always nice to see cars that are super rare in Australian shores. Like this 05 Saleen S281.




Decided to watch some track action for a bit. Always exciting to watch as it is never the same.






Got a much clearer shot of this S14 later in the day.

This blue 32 is usually present at the drift days, however he is sporting some new gear by the looks of things. Most noticeable is the crazy jungle gym cage he has in the car and the 17″ and 19″ staggered CR Kai’s. Big fan of this car, always looks fresh, just wish I tracked the owner down.



Since only 45 cars are allowed on the track at once, the paddock is usually bustling with people everywhere. So we decided to go for a cruise to get some food and I snapped some shots on the way.

Ryan Cummings new drift setup which he will be taking to the Australian Drfiting GP in October. Those Wedsport Kranze look fucking amazing.






I certainly was not expecting to see this car out on the day. For those who have been reading the site for some time, or those who have been around the QLD car scene for a while, you should instantly recognise this 33 GTR. It is in fact the old TOPRPM R33 GTR. Previously owned by a friend of mine Marwan, it has since been sold and still looks as good as ever. Unsure of what resides underneath but back when Marwan was in possession it had a Tomei 2.8litre stroker, force fed by a Trust T88. It pushed out a figure of 960rwhp and is possibly the fastest car I have ever had the pleasure of riding shotgun in. Scary fast.



Got Turbo?


This animal was built by the boys at Hi Torque Performance, who are known for making big powered Holdens and Fords. Obliterate here has seen figures on the dyno surpassing the 1000rwhp mark. Certainly living up to those plates.
1900 x 1260 res Wallpaper Here.


Simplicity is sometimes the best style. Super clean Zenki S14 on R33 GTR wheels, seemed to be fairly quick as well.


Mercury Motorsport were out in force as they are every year. Bringing out all of their big gun cars. This VE GTS known as ‘HARROP’ is supercharged and making well over 650rwhp.


Proof of how popular Powercruise Events have become, the creator Gup now drives a Gallardo.


Not all mini-trucks are show ponies. This particular Hilux makes over 800rwhp, has run a ridiculous 8.3sec quarter mile and is running a Lexus 1UZ-FE Twin Turbo under the bonnet. Certainly wild to watch.


Our resident photographer Andrew Foy was out at the event with his brother Daniel. He had dramas with the 180 and its weekend was cut short on the friday. These things happen when you are pushing past 450rwkw in an SR20.


Another Hi Torque Performance monster. I am a big fan of the ‘LO LYF’ ute. All it really does is bake the tires but still awesome none the less, a 408ci Twin Turbo is sitting under the bonnet. Which seems to be the engine of choice for the Hi Torque crew.


It is always good to see my boy Anthony’s S14 out no matter what the event. I didn’t get to see him out on the track, but even with it just sitting in the pits it looks insane. Having raised it slightly and removed the front lip it still manages to out ‘slam’ all the other cars. Anthony showing love in the rear SSR dish.
1900 x 1260 res Wallpaper Here.




Now before I move onto the Off Street Drags coverage, I thought I would save the best car for last. I usually never manage to get pics of it because I am too busy frothing over how badass it is. Big power, super reliable, demolishes almost anything that it lines up and looks astoundingly good.

It is Chris’s ‘IWIN’ R33 GTR. T51r, 650+awhp, Volk GTC’s, Porsche brakes, Midnight Purple, Polished engine bay. Everything is done exactly how a GTR should be. It is driven ridiculously hard and keeps coming back for more, which speaks wonders for the work All Star Performance do. Definitely want to feature this monster.




Off Street Drags and the Powerskid Comp allow the Media Photographers to get out onto the black stuff. Which means I managed to get some close ups of cars I hadn’t taken pictures of just yet.

Tess from Mercury Motorsport heading to staging in ‘NITTO’.



Always a tonne of action, and heaps of bullshit fast cars lining up to win the coveted Off Street Drags champ trophy.



Tess and Trent of Mercury Motorsport fame had a tonne of workshop cars out on the day. However none are as well known as Tess and Trents own R34 GTR ‘NITTO’. Having previously made 1071awhp without Nitrous, they pulled that motor out and dropped in a more user friendly standard RB26 with and I quote “a meagre 650rwhp” now that is some serious power. But I guess for Tess and Trent, going from 1071 to 650 would be like going from a Lamborghini Aventador to a Kia Soul (well not quite). Tess was out driving, standing up for girl power. She managed to beat 3 cars but ended up losing the 4th race.
1900 x 1260 res Wallpaper Here.






The winner of the Off Street Drags and one of my favorite cars at the event was Scott in his ‘FN SYCO’ Mazda Ute. With a 13b under the bonnet, and god knows what giant turbo it is seriously fast. I have always had a big love for this little ute and was stoked to see him with the drags. Keep an eye out for a potential upcoming feature.
1900 x 1260 res Wallpaper Here.


That was it for the day, the Burnout comp was next up but I never stay for that. It is at night so pics would fail anyway. On my way back to the car I decided to grab some final shots.

Bee’s 35 sitting badass as always.


Once again Mercury Motorsport are behind this awesome looking R32 GTR. Running a Tomei 2.8 and twin low mount GT-RS’s it managed around 450awkw a few days before Powercruise. Gotta love those fluro yellow Varrstoens as well.



Quick shot of the Mercury stand, with their all dominating Time Attack R35 sitting out front.




That about rounds out the coverage of Powercruise 2011, hope you enjoyed and I will definitely be out there again in 2012. January 7th is Powerplay so be there, or well you know how the rest of the saying goes.