‘Sleeper’ is a term coined to suggest that something is not what it seems.  This, as you may imagine, is a saying that is often branded on to certain cars; cars that look like they are merely run-abouts, but are hiding something sinister. Usually cars possessing engine swaps are instantly dubbed Sleepers, or cars that appear stock, but have unexpected amounts of work done. Scott’s KE20 Corolla is the epitome of the phrase.



Obviously, from the photos, you would have to be quite dim-witted to think Scott’s Corolla was stock. The parachute and drag radials alone subtly hint at what lies beneath. However, when Scott told us that on a couple of occasions he has thrown on the 165 cheese cutter tyres and stock steelies to take it out to a few car meets, my jaw figuratively dropped to the floor.


Scott’s KE20 is no longer running the puny carby fed engine it was once given life with. It now has a 2JZ-GTE from a Supra donor car, but not just any normal run of the mill 2JZ; the little OKE20 Corolla is running 1000hp – give or take a few ponies. I’m afraid the specs of the engine are too ‘hush hush’ to mention, because, as you can imagine, there are quite a few people who would be interested in completely replicating the car. Who doesn’t want a 7second street car that looks just the same as the one your grandma drives to church on Sundays?




About 2 weeks after the shoot, OKE20 busted out a 7.97 at 178mph as its PB. After the run the bottom end was completely annihilated, blowing almost the entire front of the block off, you could even see the rods in plain sight. Regardless, the Corolla is still phenomenal; not only is it street registered, but it’s still running stock brakes and an almost completely stock interior. This only excludes the neccessary gauges for Scott to keep his eye on the engine, a CO2 canister for cooling purposes, 2 speed powerglide drag shifter and, of course, the ever-present ANDRA (Australian National Drag Racing Association) approved roll cage that is needed for any car which is capable of a 7sec pass.






Next time you pull up at a set of lights, make sure to take a second look at the car next to you; it might just be a Sleeper Cell, so if you aren’t careful, you will be nursing a severely bruised ego in around 7 seconds. Thanks to Scott Hoffman from Cleveland Exhausts & Suspension Service for lending us his time and letting us muck around the shop to get the shots of his Corolla.




Images by Matyas Fulop, editing by Andrew Foy.