It doesn’t take much to push a car from a clean example to a crowd favorite. Chris’ pearly white S15 definitely proves that point. Chris is a good mate of mine and I have witnessed his S15 go from good to badass in a matter of merely 3 months. This car isn’t Chris’ first foray into the modified car scene though; he’s a seasoned vet, him and his brothers having owned the entire Nissan S lineup from S13 to S15, as well as a 2002 FD RX-7. These cars were all rocking some fairly substantial go fast bits, but funnily enough, CHris states that the FD was “uhh not so fast”. After selling the FD, he went back to what he knew best, this time opting to attack the freshest S chassis.


Originally purchased just a year ago as a bog stock white, auto S15, Chris rolled around for a while slowly fettling with the car. The most noticeable mods were a set of bronze Rota Grids and a Honda DC2 Type-R front lip (yes you heard right, a Honda front lip, of all things). However he soon decided he wanted to step things up in a big way. First up was swapping out the dreary slush box and throwing in a 6speed manual. Next up was getting rid of the Grids and going genuine, he picked up a set of 17×9.5+12 Volk TE37s for the front and a set of 18×9.5+12 TE37s to sit down the rear. He had the wheels wrapped in Kumho KU31s with 215/45/17 for the front half and 225/40/18 for the rear. Thanks to the BC BR Racing Coilovers the car sits severely low and amazingly flush. When Chris first fronted the car to a monthly meet, everyone was properly in love with the car and its bullshit stance; when you look at the pics, it is easy to see why.


Chris still has some plans up his sleeve for 2011, but he is mainly looking forward to actually taking the car out and driving it in anger. He recently picked up some R33 GTR wheels so he can roll out to the first drift morning session of the new year. I am definitely looking forward to seeing Chris and the 15 out doing what S Chassis do best and to what else Chris straps on to the already flawless car. Stay tuned.








Current Specs

BC BR Racing coilovers two way height adjustable
D-Project camber arms
Nismo front strut brace
F Volk Te37s 17 x 9.5 +12 wrapped in 215/45/17 Kuhmo Ku31s
R Volk Te37s 18×9.5 +12 wrapped in 225/40/18 Kuhmo Ku31s
Work wheel nuts

Nismo 270km/10,000rpm dash cluster
Defi BF boost and oil pressure gauges
Nismo Duracon gearknob
Bride Brix 1.5 reclinable seat on super low rail
Sabelt 4 point harness

Engine Mods
Custom tube and fin front mounted intercooler
Trust Airinx intake kit
Hi-Octane cooling panel
Full 3” exhaust system with hi flow cat
Custom NPC billet flywheel with custom clutch plate
3.9 diff gears

Future plans
-Apexi PowerFC
-Nismo 740cc injectors
-Trust TD06-20g turbo kit
-Skyline twin piston rear calipers and disks with drum handbrake setup
-Modified OEM Spec R rear wing



Photos by Andrew Foy. You can find more of his work at Andrew Foy Imaging.