The boys over at Wreck ‘Em are back in form, once again. Sam and the crew have just recently got back from a K Tours trip to japan. It would have been such an awesome trip to go on; the crew visited an abundance of workshops and drift festivals, along with hosting their own Wreck ‘Em Meihan Drift Event. They are already feverishly editing to get their content ready for the release of Wreck ‘Em 2011 DVD.

Here is a peek at what exactly goes on during a K Tours trip of Japan. Spot the super badass S15 sitting slammed as hell on polished Equip 03’s up front and gold Equip 03’s on the rear. Such a fresh look.

What happens on a K-Tour? from Mez on Vimeo.

Check out their website to see more of what the crew get up to, Wreck ‘Em