The VW Nationals is Australia’s biggest VW Show. In 2012, the annual event entered its 25th year, showcasing some of the best VW from all over Australia.

En route to Fairfield Showgrounds where the show and shine event was being held, I noticed that I was not sure in the slightest of what to expect at the show – having never attended one. However, the show lived up to expectations as Australia’s biggest and best VW gathering – even at 2pm when most of the day’s events were drawing to a close. Some quality in the car parking lot had me impressed and interested in the type of cars I’d be seeing in the actual show.

One of the first vehicles to catch my eye was a car I had shot earlier this year, which was still just as impressive – Master Kevin’s MkVI Golf GTi, a blend of EuroStyle, USDM and JDM influences. Not to be confused with your ordinary Golf GTi.

Old and New, both present.

What made the show impressive was the range of styles and range of vehicles on display.

As expected, the beetles came out in force.

After two events showcasing the best of two different worlds, it was time to get going home.

More photos at Form&Function’s Facebook , Flikr and Blog

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