M: Our most recent guest blogger hails from Sydney, Australia. He runs the Form&Function blog, and we’re happy to showcase some of his best work!

Hey I’m Jayson Fong, I’m currently studying Industrial Design at UTS in Sydney. I’ve always loved creative stuff since I can remember and have always wanted to have a future that included it. The same goes for cars and anything that goes fast, looks good, has character or is the product of somebody’s blood, sweat and tears – something that has a story behind it.

What I love about cars: the looks, the sounds, the speed, the weird feeling of awesome when you’re driving cars that look great, sound great go fast and still function as daily drivers.

There’s a lot of things that I love about car culture. But the one that stands out is the people. At every meet/event there are people from all different backgrounds and all from different modifying styles, but all loving cars. I love how the cars present are always a reflection of the driver.


But there’s a few things I don’t really like – primarily dickhead drivers who try to show off and give the culture a bad name.

With the photography, my aim is to try and capture the atmosphere at events, our culture, our lifestyle.

With the cars, I want to get the character that it evokes. Every car has a unique character and story, because every car has a unique driver.


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