It’s not everyday you get to spot a KCG10 Nissan Skyline on the street in Australia, let alone photograph one! As far as I know, this example is the only Hakosuka currently on the road in Western Australia, and the owner Ross was kind enough to share his pride and joy with Downshift.

In Japanese ‘hako’ means box, and “suka” is short for ‘Skyline’. Looking at the car it’s pretty obvious where it got that name from.

The story of owning the Hako didn’t start as well as Ross would have hoped. Is this a common pattern with older Japanese imports? Right after purchasing the car, it quickly became apparent that there was a major issue with the engine which ran only on 5 cylinders, and investigations started as to why it wasn’t running properly. Firstly, he discovered the plug from cylinder 3 was missing the complete end. Unfortunately further investigation revealed that the exhaust valve was bent.

Ross decided to remove the original low compression L28, and replace it with a high compression L28 with forged internals, high comp pistons, Crow cam and triple 45mm Mikuni carburettors, which resulted in far more power than what it had previously.

To improve the flow, it is fitted with KSP extractors and an M-Speed stainless steel twin exhaust.

This particular Hakosuka is sitting on Work Meisters with 16×8.5 +10 fronts and 16×9.5 +19 rears wrapped in 215/45 and 225/45 respectively.

The details on these things are just incredible.

Old vs new.

Future plans involving a Hi Comp RB30 / RB26 NA with injection and all the good stuff are highly likely provided funds allow.

L28 Nissan 6 cyl
Forged internals
High comp pistons
Crow cam
Tripple 45mm Mikuni Carburettors
KSP extractors
M-Speed stainless steel twin exhaust

280Z 5Spd Gear Box
Extreme Clutch 5 Puk Ceramic
Cusco 2 Way Differential
M-Speed diff mounts

S15 Calipers with M-Speed 300mm Slotted Discs (front)
M-Speed Coilover suspension with adjustable camber tops
M-Speed roll centres and adjustable caster rods

Front: 16 x 8.5 +10 with 215 / 45 Tyre
Rear: 16 x 9.5 +19 with 225 / 45 Tyre

Complete respray in classic Nissan Bone white
Front airdam and Guard flares renewed

Bride drivers seat
Nardi steering wheel
Pioneer Head unit
Kicker 6.5 splits in rear deck Custom install
Kicker 12 sub woofer
Kicker 600 watt amp
Kicker 4.0 2 way front speakers

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