On Friday around 4pm all the drivers and pit crew were granted access to QLD Raceway to set up camp and get ready for the weekends activities. Friday for me shows some awesome insight into the drivers and their cars. You get to see them all clean and shiny in perfect running order before they get thrashed for 2 days straight, and meet the faces behind the wheel over a beer or two, or three… well I think most people lost count in the end.

Matsuri is not only about the drifting. The night life that comes with it is just as big an event, especially when you’re in the party shed like we were.

Nigel from Engineered to Slide brought out his famous ETS Hilux Drift Ute.

Zak from Streetkarnage’s car was looking awesome come Matsuri, even though it didn’t get to hit the track at all

Saturday morning came and everyone was up early and keen to get on track to burn some rubber and rub some doors in some drift trains.

As quick as Saturday came it was over. The night closed with lots of spanners and booze to get the cars that were broken back on the ground for Sunday’s adventures.

Sunday morning is always the hardest part of the weekend. Two nights of festivities, sun stroke, you’re sore and covered in dirt no matter how much you shower… but still crazy excited to get back out on track and do it all again!

Those that needed to serviced their cars before heading out,

Others gave their cars a quick tub then hit the track.

There were broken gear boxes sitting on the floor all around the shed.

Turn 3 brings a lot of the big entries.

I posted a status when I got to turn 3 asking for anyone on track to bring me the biggest entries they could since I was shooting there… and that is what I got. I got completely covered in dirt and rocks on more then one occasion but got some cool photos out of it!

Seconds before the wall of dirt…

No lack of Subarus!

Skid pan is always a good way to give the car a little bit of a clean so there’s less to do at home later.

With Sunday drawing to a close, everyone was out of fuel and tyres.. And getting excited to start Matsuri prep for 2015’s double header! See you all out there in March!

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