Like every good meal needs a beverage to match, this story needs to be paired to the sounds of Drag Videos Rotary Revival 6 (RR6) coverage because what is a rotor without the song of its grumbling motor.

I don’t think I need to tell you how strong the passion for rotaries is amongst enthusiasts. Seriously, the power provided from a small displacement motor is ridiculous. Then you have the projects where bigger is better.


RR6 broke the previous records with 260 rotary powered vehicles on Sydney Motorsport Park at any one time and 379 rotary powered cars plus one bike were entered into the event. This could quite possibly have been the largest gathering of rotors in the Southern Hemisphere. It was massive effort for all involved. The question now is, what does 2018 hold for Rotary Revival? Calling all rotors!

Sydney’s biggest Rotor shops brought the goods including Pac Performance’s 20B Turbo, 6 second, Mazda 6.

At RR6 we were provided with all kinds of Rotary / Mazda examples. From the Mazda Carol 360 with a mighty 17hp right up to big 20B & 26B engine swapped models and everything in between.

There’s plenty to see and do such as Show ‘n’ Shine, cruise sessions, parade laps, racer laps, old school drag racing and burnouts. What more could you ask for?

Defending drag racing champion was a 13B turbo hot rod. The power to weight ratio was simply unbeatable.

Yes a rotary powered Caterham 7

One thing I love to see is the creativity of engine swaps and how tricked out these motors can get.

Even though Mazda have advised, if they release another rotary powered vehicle, it will most likely be integrated into an EV. I somehow don’t think it’ll slow events like this down. If anything it’ll bring the popularity up. Just look at the classifieds.

If you love your rotors come and join the fun at the next Rotary Revival. You can stay up to date by checking their Facebook page and website

Now if you’re anything like me you’re now dying to pick up your keys and go for a spin. Enjoy!

Domenic Ciccio

Instagram: Motorvated

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