“Fabricate, Fascinate, Appreciate, Gravitate, Try Not To Hate” is the motto at All Stars, who last month held a Eurofest day at Silverwater Park on a blistering hot Sunday. With close to an estimated 150 cars in attendance, it was a very successful meet/show.

Sergio, the man behind All Stars had his Midnight Purple S15 out with new AME Tracer wheels. The car is getting a lot of mixed opinions in the scene at the moment, especially since he’s shared his views on the scene publicly. Some of you may know his similarly slammed 7 series, which he’s selling. You can also sell your car for the best price here.


Zak’s 8OOTN Volvo of StreetKarnage fame came down from Queensland to show his 240. One of the most modified Volvos in Australia with steelies, fenders and the ridiculous ride height.

BMR Autowerkes had a good showing of cars with this BMW 3 Series and Golf GTI. On BBS wheels of course.


Something that you don’t see everyday: a modded Audi A1 taking influences from the USDM scene with the bright coloured wheels and roof racks.

125i & 1M in bright orange and black BBS wheels.

Unsurprisingly, BBS was the wheel of the day with a huge number of cars running them, especially the BBS RS version. They work SO well on the BMW E30 platform..


Always good to see classic Ferraris brought out for the public to see. A very clean 348 Spider in black.


One of the best sounding cars in the world, the C63 AMG. Looked perfect in black with OZ Racing wheels.

Suga’s golf looking as good as ever with the black Meisters, white paint and slammed ride height thanks to airbags.


Another successful meet from the crew at All Stars and hopefully we will see more events from them in the new year. Would like to thanks Simon Nguyen for allowing us to use his photos for the article.

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