Photos: Mitch Hemming | Words: Tessa Whyte

Nissan’s famed GT-R needs no introduction. However, finding examples of each series that are both modified AND immaculate is like finding a needle in a haystack these days. Luckily we hit a gold-mine when local photographer Mitch Hemming came up with these amazing shots of some of Brisbane’s finest GT-Rs. With over 2500awhp between them, this is definitely one big, happy family!

I am fortunate enough to own (along with my husband of course!) a BNR34 V-Spec known as “NITTO” around the traps. Owning Brisbane-based Performance workshop, Mercury Motorsport, it was only natural for us to build a tough GT-R. After previously making just shy of 1100hp at all 4 wheels a couple of years ago, these days we’re rocking a stock standard RB26DETT bottom end. Don’t let this fool you though – it’s producing an astounding 798hp at all 4 wheels courtesy of the Precision 7675 pushing just over 40psi! All is controlled by a Haltech Platinum Pro ECU & pretty much the whole Haltech catalogue. We’ve also added an OS GIKEN “OS88” 6-speed sequential gearbox to the equation, which reduces shifting time & also aids in shifting accuracy. The car has been resprayed in Lightning Yellow with House Of Kolor “Alpha Spectra” pearl over the top. In the sunlight, the pearl flips from violet to bright green to neon blue, making it quite striking! Finishing the exterior off, we added a Nismo front bar plus Z-Tune carbon fibre front diffuser, sideskirts & rear pods. The 20” Advan RZ-DFs complete the look.

John always had a soft spot for the BNR33. So when one as neat as this example came up for sale, he was quick to part with his pennies & snap it up. Having a built RB30/26 & Garret T51R between the struts, the engine bay is spotless & full of shiny Speedflow fittings/lines & pretty polished parts. We also look after this car at Mercury – it produces 698awhp on E85. It’s an absolute handful on the street with the 3-litre making the turbo surprisingly responsive. 19” Volk TE37 Fortessts look the part outside, whilst inside fixed-back Cobra racing seats are paired with 4-point harnesses & the rear seat has been removed. Look out for further mods though – things are about to step up for W4NTED!

“EZY WIN” lives up to its plates with a stout 10.8 @ 130mph down the quarter at Willowbank! Built & tuned by Mark at Godzilla Motorsport, Nick’s BNR32 is absolutely immaculate & is without a doubt one of the finest examples of a tastefully modified 32 GT-R around. Engine-wise, it sports a built RB26 & a pair of modified Tomei turbos amongst other goodies, enough for a very respectable 604awhp on E85. The engine bay is also super clean & blingy. However, he covered the quarter in that high-ten stated above with some 70hp less than what it is on now! Also boasting a gleaming House of Kolor “Light Teal” paint job, a set of polished Simmons FR19 rims (old school still looks the goods!) & a custom interior, Nick is busting to get back out to the track to run it again & snatch a low 10 this time.

Last but not least, this is Ray’s very neat & tidy GTR R35. With the addition of only an HKS mid-pipe & a Cobb Access Port tune, it makes 498awhp on our dyno at Mercury on pump 98 fuel. Ray is not shy with his 35 having attended a few Powerplay days, enjoying ruffling feathers out on the track, especially those of the big-block variety. Recently however, Ray has moved on & is now rolling around in the form of a R34 GTR V-Spec 2 in white! Some say that’s an upgrade, some say it’s a downgrade; whatever the case, Ray’s got big plans for this one so look out for it cruising around the streets very soon!

So, there you have it, whichever series is your preferred choice – the 32, 33, 34 or 35 – one thing is for certain: the GT-R is proven to be hard to go past for looks & performance. Nissan certainly has excelled in these departments & well & truly have had the bar raised over the years, so we can only hope that the legend lives on in the future.

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