Photos: Chris Fatseas
Words: Matyas Fulop

Grabbing attention is something any attractively modified BMW will do quite easily Down Under, but for serious attention-seeking, not much will beat a slammed 6 series with 22s.

Jay’s car is such a beast. Resplendent in dark navy blue with purple pearl glinting on its flanks in the sun, black tinted windows and sitting low, the 650i cuts a menacing figure. And while not bearing the prettiest of curves, the car is certainly imposing to a huge degree.

As we roll through the Valley, the big V8 rumbles at the front, like a huge cat purring. But just like a big cat, it feels potent, dangerous, ready to pounce smoothly, elegantly, lethally. Rumbling slowly through Brisbane CBD traffic towards our photo location, there are not many passers by who don’t turn their heads, many pointing the car out to their friends. U LOOKD indeed.

While by eight cylinder standards the 650’s 4.8L is not a lot, BMW’s Valvetronic and VANOS variable valve and camshaft technologies extract 270kW (367hp) and 490Nm of torque at 3400rpm in factory tune.

The free-flowing twin 2.5 inch pipes and quad-tips on Jay’s car certainly do liberate some extra grunt, improve the soundtrack greatly and keep the traction control light blinking on a hard launch.

The 22″ Asanti rims I mentioned earlier. Perfect.

And being pressed into the sumptuous, body hugging cream leather seats is no bad thing either. The interior of the Beamer is an altogether pleasant, comforting, classy place to be.

Jay has since moved on to greener pastures, and traded in and up to his own business. We’re hoping to see him do well, and be back in another Euro soon!


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