[Adam] During a trip to North Carolina a while back, i’d put the call out for car enthusiasts in the area. Josh Tougas reached out to us and posted a photo of his slick Toyota Mr2, unfortunately he was quite a ways from where I has headed, but I just knew I had to see and learn more of the car he’d been building.

Fast forward to to now and this his his story!

[Adam] What drew you to an Mr2 in particular?

[Josh] I Moved to North Carolina to find a better life instead of the dying area of western New York. My uncle let me stay there with him while I got my life together. I had a 3rd gen Eclipse GT. I loved that car for a daily, but my uncle had this pretty quick 2gr swapped 91 Mr2 that was a blast, and I felt it was time I got something fun as well.. well… that’s the start… but far from the end.
[A] Do we ever really reach the end of our builds haha! What was your aim with it?

[J] My first Mr2 I got was actually a POS 1991 with faded paint, water damaged interior from rain pouring through the T-tops and a rusted underbelly So I literally used that chassis to learn the car. I took it to some local track events that my pal Wesley hosted, and just beat on it to learn how well she worked. After a while it was time for chassis number 2. I decided at that point I wanted to abuse my next chassis as hard as I could. So I searched for a black car. The only one I could find was owned by a guy named Phu who had a few cars. I showed up and the black one I wanted he’d sold… I was so bummed that I had finally made the time to see him and it was gone. He had this other one tucked away under a car cover but said to me “oh you don’t want that, thats just a seized NA hardtop” I had to see this! The car was far from pristine. Seized auto NA, body needed work, but it was a hardtop Turquoise Pearl! So, 1450$ later I owned a new solid chassis. I’d built it to be a fun street & track car. Then decided a year later I wanted a stance car. After loads of blood, sweat and tears, I made my own setup and stanced it!

[A] How long have you owned this one now?

[J] 4 years i’ve had this car. From being dead broke, to building a car and an engine I could have never imagined building!

[A] What’s the best thing about it?

[J] Its an MR2! Haha these cars are a blast. So glad they are catching peoples eyes these past two years, thanks to Johne and Armand. I love the solid feel, the body lines that scream 90s, flip ups! Even just how unique they are, not just as a car but as the community. We all go different routes and it’s rare to find a car that looks like your build. Plus, the way people look at the car. I love the support from everyone, and the attraction it brings.

[A] What was the most time consuming part of it?

[J] The fenders! I cant even tell you how many hours I was yelled at about making them. My girlfriend hates them haha, but i cant give you a time. Basically over the course of two years i’ve been working on it and transforming them.

[A] What would you do differently next time?

[J] Exactly what I am doing now. Going for power and track stance. The stance was a phase i’m glad I did, so now I can say its not for this car. If you own and mr2 and stance it, thats cool and all, but I feel these cars are made for more than just the smell of rubber burning and splitters breaking.

[A] What’s in store for this car in the future?

[J]This current engine is a simple built setup, this car has seen many forms, but the next setup is here to stay. aiming for 500 to start, make sure its ok and then swap some goodies for 600+ wheel. I plan to wreck people. The new motor is a 2.0L 87mm piston, 3SGTE gen2. Using a Link ECU with some hefty HKS cams, ATS racing cam gears, Racer X trunk mount intake manifold, Custom trunk IC, DOC racing top mount exhaust with my friend TY over at TCS motorsports making the downpipe and dump tube for it, 5858 dual ball precision turbo, HUX racing tensioner, E153 trans with a Clutchmasters clutch and Fidenza flywheel, Coil on plug setup and harness setup by Brandon Scott, and a bunch of other goodies as well as some stated, provided by my recent sponsor of Prime Performance.


  • Gen2 3sgte 2.0L
  • E153 Transmission
  • Billet CT27 supercharger built by ATS Racing
  • Racer X Straight Runner Intake Manifold
  • 255 Wahlbro
  • Apexi Maf Adapter
  • KO racing Intake
  • 550cc Injectors


  • D2 coilovers
  • Supra TT rotors(F)
  • Z33 Calipers (F)
  • Mazda rx8 sport rotors (R)
  • 22V Mr2 calipers (R)


  • Custom made flares – The Finest Autoworks
  • House of Kolor – Kandy Blurple paint
  • Carbon f40 style engine lid
  • Battle aero wing
  • Aero front lip
  • Carbon taillight panel


  • Recaro Confetti seats
  • Grip royal Leather Steering Wheel
  • Alan Bryson made shifter surround


  • Congress Washingtons (F)18×10.5 -16 (R) 18×12 -41

Special thanks to:
Ryan Pham has always been a top on my list for thanks because he always is down to shoot and record. Such a creative and positive guy.
Brian Mattison for getting me into these cars in the first place. You’re the man!
Johne Santos for always answering my wheel spec questions!
Campos Vasquez, (Camposites) always making the sexy parts and putting me first!
Prime Perfomance for picking me up this year and making moves with this new setup!
Ty at TCS Motorsports, Aaron at ATS racing, Racer X, Brad at Bradford customs, for always answering my questions and helping me with parts!
Sean Huggins for the paint, body work, helping me make custom parts, and always coming into clutch!
CJ Wallace, Joey Brosnahan, Devon Holder, for always chillin and causing more distractions than anything <3 Y’all rock!
Amy Broderick for putting up with me -_- and going to all the meets and shows and being a great co-pilot through the track and road trips! Love You!

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