Its been awhile now since I promised Michael to shoot his car, but being on the other side of town from him was quite a problem. This week I finally found some free time to travel down to do a small feature for him.

Pictures just doesn’t do justice on how beautiful the car is, and the power of the 2.4L over the 1.8L is just simply breath taking.






“Loading Bay K”



Perfect fitment on the car makes it look very aggressive!



The very well-known “Back Yard Special” front bar just wasn’t enough for Michael. He bought a STi lip and attached it to complete the look. Very creative I must say.


You know a car means serious business when you see Spoon calipers.



The money pit…






This “K-Tuned Billet Shifter Box” was really as solid as it looks.



A “Miracle X Bar” to top things off nicely in the car.




BluePrint Stage 2 billet camshafts
BluePrint retainers
BluePrint valve springs
50 degree VTC
NGK Iridium spark plugs
Hasport Kswap engine mounts
Hondata intake manifold gasket
RBC intake manifold match ported to 70mm TB
S90 70mm throttle body + adapter
K-Tuned ram intake + velocity stacker
K-Tuned V1 TPS sensor
K-Tuned coilpack cover
K-Tuned valve cover breather filter
DTR/SSR Kswap header
3″ 100 cell cat
3″ exhaust system + 2 vibrant resonator + Varex chambered muffler
Karcepts throttle cable bracket
Magnetic oil + transmission sump bolts
Greddy sandwhich plate
Wrinkle black rocker cover
Mugen oil cap
Century performance battery / Deka light weight dry cell
Hybrid Racing PS kit (not installed)
Hybrid Racing ground wiring kit

Hondata KPro tuned by BYP for 157.2kW at the front wheels

EP3R gearbox
Exedy heavy duty clutch
Exedy lightended flywheel
K-Tuned billet shifter box
Karcepts shifter box mounting plate
Hybrid Racing 3rd edition weighted gear knob

Fuel Setup
RDX 410cc Injectors + Injector Clips
Walbro 255LPH Intank Fuel Pump
K-Tuned Fuel Rail
K-Tuned Fuel Pressure Gauge
K-Tuned Fuel Pressure Regulator
K-Tuned Slimline Fuel Filter
K-Tuned Fuel Lines + Fittings

K-Tuned half size radiator
K-Tuned silicone radiator hoses
K-Tuned swivel neck thermostat (185F)
Fan switch via K-Pro set at 195F
12″ slimline radiator fan

Suspension & Chassis
Zeal Function X coilovers
Skunk 2 front camber arms
Unknown rear camber arms
FullRace traction bar
Edelbrock 3 point front strut tower brace
Miracle X-bar
Beaks lower tie bar (gold)

Spoon twin block brake calipers
Apexi GT-Spec front brake pads
Project Mu Max 500 rear brake pads
APP braided brake lines

Wheels and Tyres
Enkei Racing S 16×8 +32
Advan AD07 225/45/16

Driver + Passenger Recaro SR3 seats
Apexi RSM + G Sensor (Black Edition)
Ecliptech shiftlight
JDM sun visors
JDM rear seat belt buckle
JDM red stich boot
Alpine head unit
Pioneer front splits
JL Audio 6” rear speakers

98 spec JDM front end conversion
BYS front bar
OEM optional rear pods
OEM optional side skirts
OEM window visors
S2000 antenna
Rays extended red wheel nuts
Work Formula red wheel nuts

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