[M]: I’m very pleased to present our coverage of the Thai D1 GP races, contributed by Aoun Wattanapong. Enjoy!

[Aoun]: We kicked off the drift in the D1 Grand Prix Thailand Professional Series 2012 at the lake at Muang Thong Thani Bangkok, at military facilities with vigorous competition. The experience with the real decision in the form of D1 Japan. Rounds 1 and 2 were held 30 June and 1 July 2012.

The four warriors battle. From the left: Takahiro Ueno, Yoichi Imamura, Masao Sueaga, Ken Nomura.

This event is the first drift series in Thailand according to D1 Japan regulations.

Karn’s Goodyear race car smoking up the tyres.

Perfect style drift!

Ueno in his Toyota Soarer.

Burn baby, burn.

This 200SX is driven by a Japanese racer.. So clean.

Davide Dorigo won the first round.

Japan triple battle!!!

S15 Silvia, Saranon’s been Thailand’s drift king for years.

The battle.

Speed, line, angle.

Pit walk.

Eminent cars, this tournament had a lot of the best drift racers.

The racers on the podium.

Straight from Japan.

Mr Masao Suenaga’s FD3S RX7.

Nomuken’s R34. Wicked.

Red Bull Drift Team Thailand.

Mr Yoichi Imamura, 4 times D1 GP Japan Champion.

Performa Drift Team Thailand.

KiKi Saknana’s Red Bull Drift Team Thailand sliding on track during Race 2. It was a riveting scene.

Oat’s M-Storm Singha Overdrive team. RX7 FD3S 20B 3-rotor turbo.

Burn rubber.

Davide Dorigo, strong battle.

Smoke screen.

200SX + VQ35 + supercharger + HKS T04Z + NOS.

[M]: Rounds 3 and 4 are scheduled for early September. Can’t wait for the coverage!

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