The AutoCombine: Abandoned dilapidated warehouses, open car parks, dodgeball, a very short drifting session, tailgating and an epic show & shine.


This event was entirely for show and to be honest it overwhelmed me a little, there were just so many incredible cars and I wanted all of them in and around my lens. It took me a while to start getting photos that I was happy with, but I eventually got there.

Wait, why is the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car? Wait… it’s not.

One of the only Honda (Jazz) Fits I would ever own.

Pretty decent turnout (more inside)!

The day started out pretty miserable leaving Orlando, it was overcast and raining but we continued north anyway. Thankfully the car show gods were kind to us and the sun came out bringing with it a light breeze. And yes, there WERE kids in the jumping castle at the time – undoubtedly having the time of their lives.

This E30 and the black E30 were hands down two of my favourite cars at the show.

If you look closely, you’ll see a Nissan GTR in this photo.


Quite possibly one of the loudest and downright sexy C63s I have ever seen (and I am not normally a fan of them)!

Get low or go.


You may remember some of these Civics from Sibling Rivalry 7. The guys from versiontwo laboratory made their way to the event and I must say I certainly wasn’t disappointed to see their Civics again.


For a predominantly JDM meet, there were some sexy Germans from Stance|Works that dropped in.

Being an entirely “for show” event, most people were taking the time to utilise the vast amount of space at their disposal to setup and get some pretty awesome shots of their or their friends cars. This provided a unique opportunity for other photographers to jump in and ninja a photo…definitely not guilty of this at all.

If you look closely you will see a Stormtrooper helment behind the driver side wingmirror.

Plenty of S2K action going on at the event – inspiration Matyi?

Pretty good way to spend a Sunday afternoon if you ask me.

I was in love, an RSX from the guys at ilovedrivingslow.

Unfortunately there was no drifting at the event – except obviously for this. The owner of the property along with a merry bunch of his relatives chased these guys down in their oversized truck and gave them a stern talking to.

I love this TC. Do want.

I don’t really think I need to say anything about this car.

And one more EG to finish with.

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