After a super windy Friday at Sydney Motorsport Park (formally known as Eastern Creek Raceway), we have a bunch of photos to show off. Andrew Foy was behind the lens, and I’m extremely pleased to present some of his awesome images. Let’s kick off with my favourite car of the race, the Top Fuel / Voltex S2000. I know I’m a bit biased, but I don’t care.




Exquisite details. Function over form for all of this.




Custom sump.


Nemo was definitely the highlight of the day, coming out and posting successively faster laps. To put the epicness into perspective, its second flying lap of the practice day broke the previous time attack record. Progressively through the day, Team Nemo kept lowering their times over and over, ending up with the fastest time of any time attack car thus far: 1:25.74. To put this into perspective, last year’s record held by Cyber Evo was 1:28.851, which was already ballistic.



This time was run with a hole in the intercooler, limiting it 20 psi. The FMIC is being replaced tonight, with a goal of 35 psi for Saturday’s racing. Can’t wait!


Tilton is in second place at this point, also with a faster time than the best of 2011. Their best time so far is 1:27.31.


Scorch Racing made a return this year with their S15. I love everything about this car. And it’s holding 3rd place overnight.





Other international competitors also deserve a mention. It’s one of the highlights, seeing cars and drivers from other countries making an appearance. Redbrick Racing from the UK:


Nob Taniguchi chilling in the pits.


And his colleague.


Clubman class wasn’t bad either.


The pits & show and shine were also pretty exciting with an R8 LMS…






Walls of rubber.


Josh & Murray Coote’s MCA 370Z


This privateer made quite an impression with some incredible times at his/her first WTAC appearance.


For live timings, check here.

More coming tomorrow, keep tuned to DS!

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