ADGP celebrated the opening of the new South Circuit at Sydney Motorsport Park (Eastern Creek). With six of the best drivers from around the country, three drift clubs with fifteen cars each and special guests like Matt Powers attending, it was a perfect way to show off the new circuit and what Australian drifters can do. There was a practice session (pretty much drive as many times as possible) from the morning to early afternoon, but from 4-6pm the Top 16 drivers battled it out for the number one spot. The peanut track and skid pan was open on the day for aspiring drifters to practice car control. All Stars also had a bikini car wash up on the hill overlooking the first corner.


Hit and Run crew brought out their 180SX running a wide body and a ridiculous set of 19″ Kranze wheels. They were consistent all day, making a load of noise and smoke through all the corners.


Juzo had his bright red S14 out all day making it look easy. Another driver not afraid to run a great wheel setup and still drive the car very hard.


Nick Coulson (the DriftKid) in his VE ute was tearing up the track all day. The V8 made an awesome noise on track and there was always a huge cloud of smoke behind his car. Nick ended up placing 3rd at this event, breaking his curse of finishing 4th last year.


Scott Schembri from the 3 Fingers Neat crew got his mechanical issues sorted out from Thursday and was tearing it up in his SR20 180SX. Him and Jabbit (another 3 Fingers Neat member) were doing multiple tandem runs throughout the day. Jabbit’s S15 is running a 2JZ under the bonnet. He was entering the first corner with such speed, he ended up mounting one of the tyre barriers on the side of track.



Not a car that you often see on the track. Drivers were warned about the first corner’s ripple strip and that it would damage your car. This driver found that out the hard way when he entered too sharply and ripped the front bar straight off. Later in the day he lost his rear bar on another corner as well.


With drivers pushing themselves and the cars for more speed, angle and smoke a lot of them were spinning out, especially on the first and second corners. The first corner lets drivers get a lot of speed and angle to transition into the second corner.

Green Comp

When it all goes to plan it does look very good, like how this KE70 is sliding around the second corner.

Red Comp

Sometimes you had to look out for objects and not just other cars, barriers, tyres and the the endless tyre smoke. Josh Boettcher the driver of the GT Radial S15 had to deal with the rear bar of the Exedy Toyota Soarer falling off at the first corner.


All Stars had a Bikini Carwash on top of the hill overlooking the course with over fifty cars in attendance. The All Stars HSV Maloo made its first showing with the SSR SP1s from the S15 making their way onto the car, with insane specs of  20×9.5 +5 and 20×10.5 +5. To be able to fit them, Sergio got custom adapters converting the Holden’s stud pattern from 5×120 to 5×114.3, which actually push the wheels out even more. After the adapters the wheels measure 20×9.5-20 F and 20×10.5-20 R.


The perfect P Plater’s car, Paulo’s AE92 hatch. Still good to see these cars around and being modified cleanly.


A nice and clean WRX without a set of Rotas or XXRs.. So good to see! Avant Garde F120 with Mirror Turquoise finish in 18×9+20 may not be for everyone, but I think they work well on this car.


A very USDM inspired Civic running a set of 16″ BBS wheels in the usual chrome lip, white face and gold spikes set up.




Cannot be a drift event without a bunch of Nissans. SO many S chassis, as far as the eye could see!





Another Hit and Run member and his RB26 Skyline.


Rob Whyte kept his winning ways going from last year after qualifying 6th and then winning the ADGP Drift Festival event in his 350Z. He defeated Christian “The Corporal” Pickering after a re-run in the final round.



A very successful launch for the ADGP and ARDC for the new season of Australian Drifting and the launch of the south circuit. Was a good day to celebrate Australia Day, watching sixty of the best drivers tear up the new circuit. ADGP now has a drift exhibition coming up at Calder Park in Melbourne on 20-21 April before the new season starts on 5-6 October. The final round comes back to Sydney Motorsport Park on Australia Day 2014.

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