Ever since the day it was advertised I was looking forward to Secret Drift’s Rad Times event! International and interstate drivers coming together to put on a show on Queensland Raceway’s Short Track, what couldn’t there be to look forward to right? Short track is an awesome setup that allows for fast entries, massive angle, wall carnage and lots of smoke and limiter bashing. It did not disappoint that’s for sure! The cars and drivers that came out were next level. From Fink’s daily 180SX to Roger’s LS3 powered Cressida, who by the way were throwing down some jaw dropping tandems together!

Tim Harris revealed his new XR6 build at Rad Times and man it’s cool. Having owned one previously myself I couldn’t wait to see how he went in it and what he had done to it.

This hot pink LS Powered Nissan S14 was getting a hell of a lot of attention. Both guys and girls were drooling over it!

JPP were out showing off their beast of a R33

Paul was laying down some solid runs all day long. His car didn’t seem to skip a beat that I saw. Every time I turned around he was out laying down rubber.

I’m usually pretty picky when it comes to Hybrid breed cars, it needs to be pretty awesome for me to like it but when this JZ Nissan S13 came out and absolutely started frying tyres my heart jumped a little. This thing was legit cool.

JDM Garage out giving their S15 a flogging, well flogging is an understatement. Heard more limiter and clutch kicks from this than a night at Saturday night skids.

Drift trains as always are a crowd favourite

Rogers LS3 Cressy loving life until he decided to make love to the entry wall! Few holes drilled and panels pulled and he was back out running tandems and walls again in no time.

Fink running some ultimate lock with his new knuckles

That’s all from me for now, I’ll leave you with some wide angle wall running shots I got. Hope you like them and it was worth me getting absolutely covered in rubber! :D

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