Waking up Sunday to amazingly blue skies and not a cloud in sight I knew today was going to be an amazing day. Not just because of the weather but the plans ahead. One of the owners of Downshift, Matyas and I had scored an invite along with Brisbane Super Car Club for a mountain drive, and something a bit special in the afternoon.

We all met up initially at La Dolce Vita on Park Road at Milton for an amazing breakfast. Turning into the street framed with supercars either side was a sight to be seen. However after everyone was fed it was time to get moving. The first meeting point was Ferny Grove Train Station carpark for everyone to gather before hitting the mountains.




This Mustang was simply immaculate. A lot of hours have gone into this to get it to where it is today, being no easy task to have a 40 odd year car in as mint condition as this.


There was a great variety of cars along for the day. From Audis, to Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martin and more.


Love the plates.



Soon enough is was time to get moving, and move we did.



The drive up the mountain was nothing short of spectacular. The sound that echoed through the hills was truly symphonic.



Even stopped at roadworks was no reason to wipe any smiles off faces.


After a squirt through the hills we all pulled over to see how everyone was tracking, let some of the less nimble cars (such as the Bentley) catch their breath and have a chat.


After disposing of his M5, Mark’s latest acquisition is certainly impressive. With 800hp at the wheels, this GTR is a MONSTER.


What’s a supercar day without some Aussie V8 presence… right?


Time to move on to the afternoon portion of our day.


Arranged for the afternoon was a meet/tour/drinks and nibblies at Electronic Living. Electronic Living are an award winning Brisbane based company providing integrated solutions for home cinema, automation & touch screen control, automated lighting, security and intercom systems for your home or business.

Their premises at 21 Robinson Rd East, Virginia showcases their products, so we knew we were in for a treat.

Arriving in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of machinery, to view hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of high end living.



To kick it off, Brad Roberts, General Manager, and Damian Cavanagh, Managing Director presented themselves to the guests on hand…


…and guests there were.



This bar is actually fitted with colour changing lights, depending on the mood.



Everything is integrated. The black panels around the centre coffee maker and ovens are all cupboard doors.



Photo supplied by Electronic Living.

Whilst these may look like plain walls. There are actually speakers all lined throughout. The sound is not muffled at all and actually comes out quite crisp.

Photo supplied by Electronic Living.

The TV when not in use can be hidden behind a piece of art work that slides up into the wall as seen here.


But definitely the coolest thing on offer was the full cinema room. Air conditioned, blacked out with only the ‘stars’ in the roof it is truly an experience. An experience that only grows cooler sitting in the middle seat up the back. The D Box motion chair moves in conjunction with the movie. So if the car turns left, you feel as if you’re turning left. All of the coolness.

Photo supplied by Electronic Living.

After the presentation everyone had a chance to mingle and chat to the Electronic Living hosts and each other whilst being served food and drink by the very friendly staff.


It was a fantastic day filled with fantastic people, products, and of course the cars.






Thank you very much to Johnny and Charles for organising the day. Thank you also to Damian Cavanagh and Brad Roberts from Electronic Living for having us all there and showing us around their VERY impressive facilities. It was a fantastic day. See you next time.


Brisbane Super Car Club
Electronic Living

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