Established in 1801 in the Highlands of Scotland, Chivas regal is one of the most well known names in high quality liquor. With its products only sold at a minimum age of 12 years, Chivas is the market leader of scotch whiskey in Europe and Asia, served to the likes of the British royal family and to New York’s social elite of the early 1900s.

With the focus of quality and luxury in mind, it was only natural that the “Luxury Network” would bring some of Sydney’s biggest companies and names together at Ecurie25’s Sydney clubhouse. On the night, Chivas Regal invited attendees on a journey to experience the art of enjoying of whisky making & drinking.

Despite the business-focus of the night, it was certainly a place where a laugh could be enjoyed. And laughs bring people together, creating an environment that encouraged potential collaboration and friendship for the future.

As is commonplace in the Ecurie25 clubhouse, the night was also complemented by a quality range of food and drinks from Peroni and Stoneleigh Wines.

With special events such as these held at Ecurie25’s clubhouses, it is clear that the club is more than just a collection of people who share an interest in vehicles, but also a club that encourages interaction beyond the obvious. The connection between people at these events shows that Ecurie25 is more than just a private members club for supercars, but a network that has the ability to bring people together who value quality and attention to detail.

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Jayson Fong – Form&Function.

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