The S-Chassis is favoured by many and has become an iconic car among import enthusiasts. Its light weight package combined with a FR layout has made it very desirable in Motorsports, being used in time attack, gymkhana and more commonly drift.

While seeing something hardcore and purely purpose built can be breathtaking, it seems to be turning into the norm. This is why it can be overwhelming to see a perfected street example, much like Nick’s S14 Zenki.


Nick has owned the car for approximately 4 years and has been building it up to improve the already sleek Series 1 design. Only a few additions have been fitted to complement the lines, starting with these Genuine Ganador side mirrors. It has also recieved the desirable Jap option ‘Navan’ front bar and skirts.


This “S” Badge was only fitted to Japanese model S14s. It adds a nice contrast to the factory “Concord Grey” paint.


And undeniably, the gorgeous set of Bronze centred Work Miesters.


Sporting 18×9.0 +10 on the front


And 18×10 +18 on the rear. Pairing with HSD Racing coilovers allows for this slammed specimen we have in-front of us.


While owning the car, Nick has always had a dilemma regarding the rear ride height. He wanted to maintain the look of the factory aero, as many of the aftermarket S14 bars are not very subtle and did not suit his vision for the car. “I just can’t get the rear to appear low enough with factory bars”, however the exhaust hangs only a few cm’s from the ground…


Personally I like how the car squats, don’t you agree?


The interior follows the same concept as outside, illustrating that only minor changes are required to perfect the shape. Nardi Steering and era-appropriate floor mats make the interior a nice place to be. It is also fitted with leather seats and trim from the factory which is a rare option in the S14.


At the business end of things, we have a lightly tuned SR20DET. Tomei Poncams, Complete CES Stainless exhaust and up-rated Greddy intercooler. As can be seen all throughout this car, only quality parts have been used. And while in the back of our head we all think that the Chinese parts will do the job, Nick has experienced first hand with a set of lifters that this is not the case. “The only part I ever cheaped out on was a set of aftermarket hydraulic lifters, these caused more problems than they fixed and ever since I have always made myself save the extra coin for quality parts.”



While almost all projects are never truly completed, the same applies here. Nick mentioned he could never part with the car and that he still has much more planned *cough bigger turbo cough*. So next time you see him at the meet, say hello to Nick and his “ZNKII”.



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