About a month ago I was invited along to Mount Cotton Driver Training Centre by the boys from Brisbane Super Car Club to cover them having some fun in the wet. Not even having to think about that I immediately answered yes and locked it in. I’d never been to Mount Cotton before, but was sure I was at the right place upon arrival being greeted with a silver R35 GTR, a black Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, a silver Lamborghini Gallardo and a black AMG C63.

A few moments later the rest of the troupe turned up, consisting of cars such as a Lotuses, another C63, an Aventador, another 360, an IS-F, M5, M3 and even a Commodore, Focus RS and an R33 Skyline came along for a drive! Some of the attendees even bought out some new 86s to throw around with the big boys.


The smell of rich Italian leather.


The 86s coming out to play, under the faithful supervision of the Lotus.


This Aventador was just there watching over the shenanigans of the day, but what an aggressive piece of machinery.




The second 360 of the day, this time a Spyder.



As everyone was chatting before the event, a very welcome guest arrived. The YEEOOW LF-A. The only chrome wrapped LF-A in the world.


This scandalous M3 was on song all day, and for the month of Movember sported a moustache on the top of the windscreen.


I know how much we all love static shots as above, but really, lets get onto the sideways, wet, supercar sliding action. Starting off with this very cool Ford Focus RS. There are noise restrictions on Mount Cotton (so we took supercars there lolol) and on full noise, at gear changes, this car has the coolest exhaust pops! Mt Cotton weren’t happy about it, but it thrilled me!


After going quiet in their own cars, the C63 owners witnessed the Focus’ run and came to the decision it was definitely time to open their exhaust valves. They went from a quiet, family saloon Mercedes, to apocalypse deafening AMGs at the push of a button… for one run each anyway, before Mt Cotton had their say.



Supa was the organiser of the days events and certainly isn’t afraid of giving his Lotus a hiding.


There were 3 Lotuses out on the day, including this beautiful red Elise.


Andrew had his 33 out. It now sports a roll cage, new wheels, and from what I hear perhaps some new suspension soon. It’s a good car for fun on a day like this.


The R35 GTR was putting all four wheels to good use in the wet, its deep throaty exhaust note resonating up the skidpan.



The V10 in this M5 sounds absolutely glorious with its RPI exhaust system.


I wasn’t sure about this auto 996 Carrera when it turned up, but it put a smile on my face as soon as it hit the skidpan as the owner drove the absolute TITS off it.



The M series BMWs were well-represented on the day, the M3s having no qualms getting down.




Simon had a blast in his Commodore, using the mantra “Fun = the amount of cones you knock over, not the best time… right?”



Loved the look, sound, and presence of this IS-F. Beautiful car.


This photo was taken approximately 1.5 seconds before destroying an output shaft. The owner is quite savvy with working on his own toys and has it all fixed and back on the road now. Not a drop of water landed in the cabin during this shot.


What’s a supercar day without a Lamborghini on full noise? This raging bull was certainly given a what for.



Now last, but CERTAINLY not least, was the amazing LF-A. With a small amount of change from a million dollars here in Australia, 412kw certainly helped this car touch limiter in NO time on this wet skidpan. A car built to drive, and hard.

LFA 75X100


Hope you enjoyed the coverage. We’ll be sure to feature more of this type of event as we’re invited to it.

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