I love getting out to all the different variety of meets, especially to the ones that bring out the cars that you don’t often see just out driving around each day. So when I was invited out to the Porsche Forum Cars & Coffee morning at Samios Food in Cooparoo I couldn’t say no. Even though it was an earlier morning than I usually like to be up on a Saturday, once I started hearing the sounds of old Porsche 911’s and other Euros driving down the streets towards Samios I knew it was worth it.

Even though the morning is based around Porsches, that doesn’t mean it’s shunned upon for a few other cars to tag along like this stunning Ferrari 308GTS.

A few BMW’s came out too.

Brown isn’t always a great colour for most cars but it’s something about the curves or older Porsches that just pull it off perfectly. This had to be my favourite car of the morning.

In pure enthusiast spirit I wasn’t looked at funny once for appearing in my R32 GTR but even had a few of the guys asking me about it and looking over it closely and appreciating it. I am excited to make it out to another one.

I’ll let you stop reading now and enjoy the rest of the set!

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