Well finally, after 5 weeks I have internet back at my house! So I can actually get some posts from later last year up for you guys.

Car meets are certainly nothing new, in fact it is a very old formula that the car scene has had since day one. Most of the time they are not really worth covering as it is more of a get together of friends, rather than a showcase of the finest car builds on offer. However our good friends at The Lowdown & Built To Order decided to combine the quality, size and atmosphere of a car show and mix it with the relaxed, late night and short time frame of a car meet. What came from this idea was an event called Fitted Fridays, and this is coverage of the second one to be held.

A hugely successful first Fitted Fridays meant that almost directly after it, Jason & Tarik went to work on planning the second. I unfortunately missed the first event and was not about the miss the second, especially after the crazy coverage that flooded all of my social media feeds from the first. So when the date and location was announced, I booked flights and accomodation and headed down to Sydney for the event. The event was to be held at Western Sydney International Dragway (WSID) and was to kick off at 7pm and finish up whenever people decided to leave. So I put the camera down for the most part of the day and helped setup, and plan the parking with them to make sure this would be a smooth running event. After setup the cars started flooding in, never have I seen this many high quality cars roll up by the hundreds, we were set for one hell of a night!!!


The cars started arriving in droves at around 5pm, hours before the event was even supposed to start. Thankfully actions were in place and people were on hand and it was dealt with. There were 15 traders, about 5 giant car clubs and the entire area was absolutely filled to the brim full of cars, in fact I would not be surprised if over 1500 cars showed up for the event and the quality of the cars was quite high considering the numbers and open invitation. Match these numbers, with DJ’s, light shows, car showcases, under cover and open area parking, a double car unveiling and LOTS of promo models, THIS was the car meet of the year for Australia. But roll on the cars:




Hassan from Built To Order brought out his recently finished S15. Rolling on a custom set of AG F130’s.



I was loving the fact that genuine wheels were everywhere I looked.






One of the biggest cars of the night, Nico’s insane targa top, widebody NSX. Nico is not new to the car scene, in fact before he owned this targa top he had a hard top NSX with the same widebody kit and a set of Volk GTCs, which he still owns. However when he spotted the targa come up for sale, a much more sought after NSX model as it comes with the C32, he jumped on it. Painted it red like his last one, swapped the parts over and added a set of AME TM02 Tracers. Pictures do not even come close to doing this car justice!!!



It wasn’t just all Japanese cars and imports, there was a bit of something for everyone!


Absolutely loved this S15! Resprayed in what looks like Battleship Grey and topped off with some perfectly fitting 3piece Work Meister S1s.



Spotted these two very well done Evo 8’s rolling down to get a photoshoot together, so decided to get a few snaps. Both running big carbon GT Wings and genuine wheels, they looked awesome parked along side each other.



Another big show stopper of the night, the mental Queen Street Customs x Built To Order C63 AMG. This almost brand new 2014 Performance Pack C63 went under the knife at for a completely custom molded wide body kit, insane pearl paint job and a giant set of RSV Forged RSF1’s. This car is possibly one of the few builds coming out of Australia that is internationally recognised.




Like I said, something for EVERYONE!



I think the current trend in Sydney is R34 GTRs as there was heaps of them arriving on the night and they were all ridiculously badass setups. These 3 definitely caught my eye, especially the Z-Tune Replica ‘WAR34R’ absolutely loved it. LMGT4’s are such an iconic wheel!




What more is there to say about this really? Built To Order, bringing the first Liberty Walk Bodykit to Australia and putting it on a Lamborghini Murcielago, matching that with Airrex Airbags, RSV Forged RF1’s and a satin white finish it is the epitome of cool & current.

Sadly the only shot I got of the unveiling of the Queen Street Customs Liberty Walk R35 GTR was this one. Far too many people crowded around it all night for shots. It runs AirLift Airbags, custom matte green pain job, and a set of you guessed it RSF1’s. It is so awesome to see the big LB Kits coming to Australian shores.

Absolutely loved this R35 GTR on Advan GT Wheels. Exactly how I would do one if I had one.



Another absolutely perfectly done R35 GTR, this time on a set of brand new Volk Racing TE37 Ultras and a brand new Amuse Ti exhaust.



Probably my favorite car of the whole meet, well apart from the car I post next. This R33 GTR was absolutely flawless, I could not fault it at all. Perfect condition, hugely aggressive Volk Racing CE28Ns in 19″, a built RB26 with the god father of big single turbos, the HKS T51R SPL. It sounded very angry and I assume makes solid power as well. This is the epitome of GTR building done the right way, people take note!

This next car, in my opinion stole the entire show, for a few specific reasons.






The SVH Auto Body Shop Murcielago done by Built To Order, it runs a Liberty Walk kit, but not all of one. Only running the wing, front bar and rear bar, keeping the standard guards. Not only would this have saved a shitload of money, but I think it looks infinitely better than the Liberty Walk guards, and that is saying something because they look awesome with the guards. Topping it off is a set of RSV Forged RS10s with a custom 24k gold hardware, centre cap and lip. Rolling on Airrex custom Airbags and utilizing an Armytrix Titanium exhaust this car is the whole package and then some, even has the rare carbon ceramic brake option. Love it!!!!!!!!!!

More posts coming soon from more Sydney adventures as well as stuff from the current Tokyo trip!


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