When Luke sent us a message and a terrible phone photo to the DS facebook page asking us to feature his R33, something stuck out at me. The giant shiny-looking pixels in the engine bay *looked* like a turbo.. But I wasn’t sure. So started a conversation that ended up in Alessandro Renda doing a full photo shoot of the car!

Luke picked up the Series 1 GTST a couple of years ago, for his 18th birthday. Despite it being close to stock at that time with just basic mods, it’s still a pretty wild car for an 18 year old!

Over the course of a year and a half, Luke has made comprehensive modifications to the engine. A GTX35R turbo with 1.05 rear housing and 60mm wastegate feeds air through a 90mm intake manifold into an RB25 head and RB30 bottom end with stock internals. Exhaust is vented using a 3.5″ exhaust. Everything is polished stainless steel.

All that equals a very healthy dyno-proven 666hp, hooking up via a twin-plated NISMO clutch. An approprate number for the car, I thought. Tuning is thanks to the guys at PZP, and Briffa Engineering handled the paperwork for the Department of Transport.

The gloss black NISMO LM GT4 wheels are wrapped in cheap tyres for the moment, but better ones are planned for the future.

They are held to the ground by TEIN coilovers, and a few diffusers, canards and splitters all around.

Luke’s plans for the car are further engine modifications to take it over the 1000 hp mark, a fully sequential gearbox and an AWD system (!!). He’s also just created a page for it, give the Devil 33 a follow to keep up to date!


NISMO LM GT4 wheels
R34 GTR extended side skirts
R33 B-R Rear GT wing
LED rear tail lights
OEM rear diffuser
R33 GTR front bar
R33 GTR OEM front canards
OEM front splitter
Craft Square Mirrors
TEIN coilovers

3.5inch performance exhaust
Twin plated NISMO clutch
Gtx35r turbo, 1.05 rear housing
90mm intake manifold
60mm external wastgate
RB25 head/RB30 bottom end
PWR performance radiator
All custom stainless steel

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