[Matyi] Adam and I made a road trip for our first ever Adelaide event for SA Time Attack back in November last year. After the event itself, we spent a couple of days with the local crowd hanging out, and managed to squeeze in a few photos of a standout car, Ayden’s freshly-painted S14, which we had awarded a trophy for “best paint” in the show and shine.

[Ayden] I’ve owned the car nearly 2 years now. I bought it as a pretty stock-looking S14 with just the basic mods (coilovers, exhaust, front mount, wheels, etc). I put down the deposit for it, but went to go back another time to drive it just to be sure it was all good and on the way the owner found out there was an issue with it, and said no point coming up.

We kept chatting and in the end, the problem ended up resulting in another motor from Nisswreck, with about 100,000kms less than the previous motor! After going through with the purchase, I ended up getting a pretty good deal on the car and have now become mates with the previous owner.

The car has had a huge change in appearance. I started off by switching to an OEM Series 2 JDM front bar, brand new from Nissan. To continue the clean theme, I went with genuine Navan skirts and pods, and bought a genuine Kouki wing off a friend’s S14.

The body work was done by a mate, the guards had already been pulled when I got the car, but weren’t that great, so I got them fixed. The colour choice I found the most difficult to pick, but in the end I went with the Nissan 350Z anniversary colour, named Interlagos Fire.

Not many were produced in this colour. The colour shift from a dark purple, to an orange/bronze to then a gold. Sparkles nice in the sun. (Matyi: one of the most epic colours I’ve seen!).

For the wheels I opted to go with 18″ Work VS-XX, brand new from Japan through Jesse Streeter. Sizes are 18×9-12 fronts & 18×10-5 rears.

Performance, I went with a Kinugawa GTX2867R turbo, 550cc injectors, Z32 air flow meter, Nisstune ECU and changed the exhaust – bought some blast pipes off a Cefiro and got a hotdog welded in to take some of the droning out.

It was then tuned at Garage 7 and made 197kW on the dyno at 16psi. Unfortunately couldn’t go for more power as there was too much pressure and needed a wastegate to be able to push more boost.

Interior-wise it came with red leather S15 seats, but I may be changing them to black suede Recaros. It also has a Nardi steering wheel with NRG hub and quick release, and a Wearelikewise shifter and handbrake button.

I’ve always liked the OEM look and wanted to keep it stock body. I wanted the wheels to have a negative offset and fit perfect with the guards, so a little bit of camber was needed and gave it the stance I wanted.




For good measure, we also grabbed a few photos of Ayden’s mate, Daniel’s twin S14, NISSILE. How cool is that paint colour??

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