If you’re a follower of Downshift, there’s a good chance you’ve seen invites to our many Downshift Wakefield Happy Laps events which is fairly similar to our Brisbane event, Downshift Circuit & Coffee. Some videos of that here and here. You may have even attended both!

As lovers of car culture it gives us great joy to see everyone who attends enjoy themselves thus we would like to send out a huge thank you for all the support you have given to DS. It is this support that helps us hold car meets, track days and cruises as well as provide the awesome content to feast your eyes on and motivate you to improve your ride.

We can’t wait to provide more events in even more locations.

For those of you who haven’t attended, allow me give you a small insight into the event.

The saying, getting there is half the fun is all true. The event starts well before Wakefield Park at two locations, Sydney & Canberra for a bit of a meet & chat before cruising the highway in convoy. Some are armed with new modifications and some set to hit the circuit for the first time but all ready for some track action.

As the cars roll in we’re presented with a lovely range of daily track cars all different in their own way.

At the DS tent drivers and passengers can sign in and get their wrist bands.

Throughout the day Trackschool hold their track day. This gives our attendees the chance to see how others are performing and possibly pick up a few tips and tricks.

Prior to hitting the tarmac all drivers and passengers must attend the drivers briefing held by Downshift’s Adam Vlahos and Trackschool’s John ‘Boz’ Boston.

All that is left is to gear up, line up and have fun!

Should our attendees wish to test their skills further, may we suggest to book in a day with Trackschool and enjoy a full day of track action.

Once again thank you to all the Downshift Happy Laps attendees, we hope to bring you more and more events like this in the future!

Bonus Imagery

Words & Photos by Domenic Ciccio

Instagram: @motorvated

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