This story came about through the purchase of a quality built front cross member from the United Speed Shop for an FX Holden.

The FX is my father’s current project car and as per most projects it’s a restoration and modification build. The plan is pretty straight forward, strip the car back, repair any rust and then paint. Minor upgrades will be thrown in to improve performance, handling and style because why go to all that trouble if you don’t make anything better, right? It won’t be show car quality but it will most definitely be a sweet cruiser.

When it comes to car builds we believe the combination of todays technology & yesterdays cars is hard to beat.

As standard the cross member will house the wider proposed Chevy V6 block. It’s a fully TIG welded construction and includes the larger, Baer brakes and discs, cold drawn seamless CNC bent control arms, adjustable coil over suspension, rack and pinion steering, anti roll bar and polyurethane bushes.

When it came time to collect the front cross member I couldn’t miss out on visiting the shop in Georgetown NSW. By looking through the website it was evident that there would be a nice selection of hotted up cars in workshop.

Now being in Aus, naturally there were many Aussie classics but the interesting part was how they’ve been modified.

Taking centre stage at the shop was this lovely aqua blue EH wagon. It sits on period correct muscle styled wheels and sports a Holden 186 red motor. Sure it’s not a powerhouse but it will be a great cruiser. The owners are a father and son team and have another wagon in the pipeline. Their plan is to have the next EH painted in the same blue hue and drop in an LS for a power to looks ratio of one to one.

To the side was a restored HT Monaro awaiting some final touches before being sent home.

In the far corner was one of my favourite Holden models, a late 50’s model FC Holden. It’s been tubbed to fit some deep dish wheels, bagged to give that epic low stance and upfront is the heart of an almighty Godzilla, a twin turbo RB26, a little more powerful than the original 72hp Holden six cylinder. This is one car I’d love to see again when complete.

I found another EH with a V8 conversion sporting some hotrod styled wheels.

A couple hotrods in the works including a blown Essex coupe.

A Kombi ute was in the process of getting some updated lighting. It had recently come back from the paint shop in a matte olive green.

On the hoist was a Chevy C10 pickup, notice the USS cross member including bags for laying low.

Then there’s the 55 Chevy shop truck complete with custom painted patina, LS power and up to date suspension. This is exactly what I mean when I say the combo of todays technology in yesterday’s cars is on point.

To see more build photos, check out the project cars page on the United Speed Shop website here.

I’d like to send a huge thanks to Ryan Carter for showing me around the shop. If you’re in the market for upgrades for your ride, you can purchase the parts and install them yourself or have they guys take care of everything for you. You will not be disappointed.

Domenic Ciccio
Instagram: Motorvated

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