After a burning hot Sunday morning at Daikoku PA, Sammit and I decided to check out Mooneyes, then ASM Yokohama not too far away. We came up to a Family Mart with a small carpark outside, and a *very* nondescript building.

The only thing that really gave it away, other than a tiny, subtle sign, were these beauties sitting out front. Being an S2000 man at heart, I started frothing immediately.

So clean and simple, yet effective.

Almost all of the parked customer cars had big brake upgrades, like this AP Racing setup.

This yellow one was a bit more wild in appearance.

Carbon everywhere!

Check out this beautiful diffuser.

This is the giant wall of Recaro seats we were greeted with on entry to the shop. I believe they’re one of the biggest Recaro dealers in Japan/the world!

Check out how nice some of these are! As a rough guide, divide Japanese Yen prices by 80 to get Australian Dollar amounts.

Casual F20C motor/box/exhaust/subframe setup chilling in the lobby.

ASM/TODA everything.

That TODA carbon inlet manifold with carbon trumpets inside was A$5800.

No worries, just a casual A$11,000 TODA F22C setup.

I believe this might be a C30A or C32B V6 out of an NA1/NA2 NSX. Check out the ITB setup on top with the stainless trumpets!

And then we came to this. The crown jewel of the ASM Yokohama workshop and showroom. The ASM Tsukuba Special S2000, which still today stands as the S2000 lap record holder at 57.051 seconds. Kanayama-san, the Manager at ASM was kind enough to allow us inside, for a rare up-close glimpse at the S. Arigatou Kanayama-san!

Lets take a closer look.

Full carbon interior, sequential transmission setup, dash, etc etc etc…

And super lightweight dry carbon doors. This was legit maybe 2kg. Maybe less.

295/30 front tyres!

Check the aero.

When we were strolling back to Sam’s car to head off, this wild thing turned up! Immediately we forgot about leaving and went over to chat to the owner and ogle it.

SO aggressive with that J’s Racing widebody, and especially in this burnt orange/carbon/gold colour combo! Loved the plates too.

Check the Mugen CF intake.

Aggressive much?

I don’t even want to know how much these brakes were, or the big Rays wheels.

Much to our disappointment, the ASM guys jumped in and drove it into the fully-air-conditioned workshop, and we headed off.

Check out Sammit’s video below:

And another great video of a time attack event earlier in 2018:

More Japan articles coming!

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