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  • Review: Bridgestone’s new Potenza RE003

    Review: Bridgestone’s new Potenza RE003

    Tuesday was a big day for me, working my normal 9-5 then going straight to the airport to catch a plane down to Melbourne to […]

  • Three Ladies of Norfolk

    Three Ladies of Norfolk

    So Matyi called me up on a boring Wednesday with some interesting news. “Hey, I know you like your Euros, so figured you’d get a […]

  • Downshift Track Battle

    Downshift Track Battle

    Ever since I got my licence I have attended as many track days that I could, whether that was mid-week sprints, weekend time attack and […]

  • Part 1 of the Track Day Guide

    Part 1 of the Track Day Guide

    Most of us weren’t blessed with having parents who purchased our first kart at a young age and supported us through the ranks of motorsport, […]

  • Rain Dance

    Rain Dance

    Early morning on the 2nd of March saw us once again out at Queensland Raceway for another fantastic hour of Circuit & Coffee. As all […]

  • Marko’s track-inspired EK Civic

    Marko’s track-inspired EK Civic

    Even if you go to every meet, keep up to date with every local blog and frequent all of the main forums, chances are you […]