Sometimes in life you meet someone for the first time and chat a little and then without even realising a few months later you are good friends. Well this is one of those moments, I cannot remember how i first met Aaron and his Mitsubishi Evo VI TME or as it is known by many, the 6.5. It is common knowledge that the Evolution Vi shape is still considered the best shape out of all of the previous and current incarnations of the legendary platform. It is the most aggressive holding the toughest stance and brings the instant thought of the man Tommi Makinon himself when you first set your gaze onto it.
I knew Aaron for quite a while, probably almost a year before i met his brother Cory, Aaron had mentioned that he had a brother who also owned a Vi and when i first saw them both together out at a local trackday it was quite an awesome look, seeing both Vis sitting together and their owners being brothers. Yes you read it right, these two imaculate Vi’s are by no means garaged beauties or show ponys, they head out to where they belong on a very regular basis. To prove my point further, both Aaron and Cory are leading the Sprint sessions leaderboard for their class by quite a large margin and are looking at taking 1st and 2nd respectively.

Aaron’s 6.5 is in flawless condition, as of writing this article it now supports quite a different sponsor setup, and Aaron is also looking at getting a new set of rolling stock under it to give it that edgier look, here at Downshift we are very much offset lovers so we agreed totally. The exterior of the Evolution Vi is probably one of the only Japanese performance cars to not need any altering what so ever except for wheels, which leaves more money in the bank for the things that are more, lets say, neccesary. Although it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Aaron and his beloved Tommi, when he first imported it over from Japan, he drove it around a bit, but it seemed that little Tommi was supporting some issues, which as time went on Aaron discovered more and more issues and it looked like the replacing of parts and head scratching of what is wrong would never end. However he got it all sorted and is focusing nower days on getting Tommi into tip top shape for track action. Aaron has layed down the foundations for a bulletproof engine with the purchase of JE Forged Pistons, JE Ring Set, Eagle Rods, Eagle Rod Bolts and a Rehoned Crank. When looking over his engine and his parts list you start to see two recurring theme’s, the first being that the parts that are bought are Function>Form and that the best of the best bits are purchased with some of the biggest brand names residing in Tommi such as; a 3″ HKS Front Pipe, Fujitsubo Catback, Garage HRS Cyber ECU, and Ralliart Engine mounts just to name a few. The engines current state is bullet proof and ready for whatever excursion Aaron wants to take in the quest for cutting lap times. But the most important part in a track car is the Suspension and Bracing and there are certainly no cut corners here with Tommi rocking some of the best parts around such as Cusco rear Strut and Sway, and there is also some uber expensive Ohlins Coilovers keeping it low and taut and keeping with the top of the range gear joined with the Ohlins Coils are big dollar DMS Adjustable Top Hats.

Cory’s Vi is not actually a TME but a GSR, however only Mitsubishi train spotters can reaaally tell the difference and both cars look as good as each other. Cory’s car has had less work done, but with the prospect of him looking into a stroker kit, watch this space as i am sure it will become some sort of low flying, white missile. Cory’s Vi supports an Evo 7 ECU with a custom tune, a Fujitsubo Catback, Ralliart Ignition Leads, Walbro fuel pump, a Greddy Profec B Spec 2 boost controller with 22psi and a Meek Hotside pipe with Meek Turbo outlet just to name a few. Cory has also spent some cash getting the brakes upto full on race standard so pulling the white rocket up is a set of Performance Friction 2 peice grooved front rotors running big dollar Endless PC35 pads and braided lines all round, making sure that even when the engine becomes meaner that the car will still pull up for turn 1. Cory has also looked into Bracing a lot heavier as well as a badass set of coils just like his brother. Cory runs Cusco all around with Cusco front and rear sway bars, under body brace, a massive Cusco 3 Point Strut brace and an awesome Cusco carbon fibre rear strut brace, teamted with a Ralliart boot brace. Rocking the top of the range Tein Monoflex coils to make sure the Vi is as chuckable as ever. Cory has already purchased the one exterior needed mod, that being wheels. Rolling on rare as hell Prodrive forged GC010 in 18×8.5 with a +34 offset, however he is looking at getting some lighter and lower offset wheels in the future.

Both cars are in essence built to be how Evo’s should be built, not show cars that are rarely driven, not collectors cars that collect nothing but dust and not daily drivers that never touch the circuit. No they are built to be track ready, lap time killers and with both the brothers attention to detail they also have the ability to be street driven, with NO defects whatsoever. Proven when Aaron was pulled over at a cruise meet and all the cop could pin was Harnesses (which were detachable) and the blow off valve, which just so happened to be stock. So take note from Aaron and Cory, if you build it carefully enough one minute you can be chewing up tyres and versing the clock and the next you can be out on a date without any worry at all.

If you want to see more of Aaron and Cory’s Evo’s, check out their site Dryden Motorsports located in our Support Sites to the right.