Unfortunately since the CV on my car is still out of order so to speak, I was not able to drive to the Gavin Woods Auto Dyno Night that was held last night, these are known for the number of awesome cars showing up and laying down crazy figures then DRIVING home.

However my bud Sharpy went and took a few videos off his phone, I don’t normally post “phone” videos on here but this is an exception as I feel you need to hear these monsters in action. Specifically NUT32R limiter bashing down the street, sounds like gun shots its that violent. The night had well over 6 cars pushing past the 600whp mark, which is quite ridiculous to say the least. The yellow S15 took the night out pushing 955rwhp, however the car has pretty mediocre parts on the exterior which lets it down considering the engine is such a monster.

Enjoy the sounds: