To say last month’s mid-November meet was big is a bit of an understatement. It was my first ever time at a JDMST meet and I was completely blown away, I had never seen so many quality, modified imports in one car park (and on the street for those who came later and missed a chance to find a car park), so that night I made an oath to myself to try my best to come to all the future meets because they were just too rad to miss out on! The early-December meet held last night wasn’t any where near as big, reason being it was quite last minute notice (only 2 days or so) and it has been bucketing down rain here for the past few days, but that didn’t mean the quality was down.


Like I mentioned before, it has been raining here in Brisbane for freaking days, so as soon as I had arrived at the meet, got out of my car, set my camera up, it started pissing down rain so everyone ran for cover, got told the plans for the next meeting spot, then made their way over there. I saw this as a good opportunity to get some motion shots of the cars leaving (I love the way wet roads look!).



These two Civics were bullshit loud on the street and even more obnoxious at the next meeting spot – an undercover car park.


I absolutely love the way this S15 looks, duck tail and all!


Because of the crap weather, most people didn’t bother washing their cars, but I didn’t mind – it just shows these cars are actually being used!


‘Ghosty’ rolling in – loving the choice of rear wheels! This is also a prime example of a car being regularly used, as it is regularly drifted.


KE70’s are a popular choice for budget drifters or p-platers… or both!


You don’t really see that many imports rocking metallic colours like these any more, they did make a sweet reflection in the water though.


Camber wut?


Celebrity in the building! Saw this guy at the last meet and was a bit star struck – was actually sitting a table away from him at McDonald’s afterwards, then when him and his group left they proceeded to do some quick little power slides in the car park across the road… Can you guess who’s car it is?


I think this car would benefit from some wider wheels or some spacers or something though..


All the wide body panels were made from carbon fiber though which was really cool.


This ex Fast Fours cover car got the attention of most of the meet, rep’ing the RB26 power plant..


…in an S15 – nice!


Bird’s-eye-view of the meet.


I dig it.


One of the coolest p-plate cars you could have… wait, what’s that written on the rear window..?


Of course lol.


Spotted this SSS parked all the way on the next level up – should’ve parked next to mine! :P


When ever Supra’s are at meets, they always seem to group together – that’s cool.


This Chaser looked SO boss! It was very photogenic too, I thought.


More Toyota love with Jish’s KE70 hooning it out of the car park, almost bottoming out on that exit ramp – if only he had a body kit on, lulz would have been had..


Work Emotion’s ftw!


Mitch’s S14 making his way out – can’t wait to see it once he has the new rims installed!


I can’t really think of many meets I’m at where Duane’s e21 isn’t..




This 350Z sort of came out of no where, rocking up quite late in the night.


Playing around with more reflective goodness haha.


It did draw quite a crowd!


Luke Fink’s S14 rolling out. ;)


This puppy is awesome!

Was a great little meet, I can not wait for the next one in a couple weeks time!


And here are a quick selection of my pics from the night. Enjoy guys! -Matyi

JDMST December 2010

Nghia’s new ride. You’ll remember his sweet sweet S13 from a little while ago. All genuine parts on this Chaser, from the Traum front bar, BN guards to the Rays GT-C wheels. JZPIG? Nothing piggy about it, I’m looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful ride!

JDMST December 2010

JDMST December 2010

I adore concave TE37s. (But only if they’re the real deal. Sorry Varrstoen.)

JDMST December 2010

Dan’s pewter S15. Possibly more of this beast coming up soon, keep your peepers locked to DS.

JDMST December 2010

Love the square s13 headlights.
JDMST December 2010

The local troublemakers. Sharpy is a troll – he doesn’t really want peace.
JDMST December 2010

Decent spot for rainy days.
JDMST December 2010

JDMST December 2010

That hardcore, sus-looking carbon-clad Z33. Love it.
JDMST December 2010

JDMST December 2010

And the incredible Volks it was rocking on the front.
JDMST December 2010

Next meet coming soon, keep an eye out.