This weekend passed was a massive weekend for me; so much shit was on and I took so many pics. But hey, I am sure you will all appreciate it as it was one of the best weekends of my life. So many awesome cars in one weekend, my brain was going into overload. Anyway, first up is the JDM Meet. We decided to have a day time BBQ instead of the usual late night carpark gatherings this time around.

The BBQ days are always a good way to catch up with people and check out the cars a little better. Less people turn out, and obviously day time means you can actually see shit instead of looking at utter black hoping to spot a wheel or some decent fitment. Not much else to say really. Cooked up some good chow, kicked the old soccer ball around and shot the shit all day. Could not think of a better way to spend a Sunday, really.

Roll out the shots:


A clean rex rocking TE’s. If only it had a bit more aggressive offset.


Robbie’s DC5 is always a favorite of mine.


Good to see more and more people rocking good fitment. Sportmaxes are always a good option for some flushness.


Normally brown and purple wouldn’t work, but luckily for cars you can throw normality out the window.


Nhan’s 180 is so badass. Work Eurolines always look killer in awesome offset, and Nhan’s definitely has that covered. It is also good to know (and see) that he slides the car. So this ain’t no hardparker.


Cresta’s are not really common over here. This is probably the only one I think I have seen. This one is supporting some white XD9’s and crazy good fitment. It also has a full cage in it.


I think GTR’s are the only cars I couldn’t care less about fitment on. Not sure why, but I think they just look badass enough. In saying that, good fitment never takes away from a car, but just check the stance the 32 has. Badass factory stance for the win.


So glad to see fitment taking off in Aus. It really shows how much it has grown when so many cars rock up to a small BBQ meet holding A+ stance.


This 15 really shows how all you need is wheels with good offset, a height drop and your car is virtually complete. So glad to see GTC’s polished as well. I bet some people out there think they are only made in gold.