Recognition is the easiest way to truly realize that what you are doing is being seen by people and also proves what you are doing is not just a hobbie. Downshift is coming into it’s second year, which will be next June and it is slowly becoming bigger and bigger. When Ben and I first actually put this all together it was all pipe dreams, so it is awesome to see it evolving so quickly.

Recently much to my dismay I got a message from my mate Braydon saying that “Downshift rocked the latest Fast Fours”. So I figured we were just in the regular Jamboree coverage. But what I was not expecting was a full two page feature just for us. I am in contact with Tom the editor and Phillips the assistant editor, but had no idea that they were putting this in the magazine. So thanks so much guys, appreciate it so much, will definitely keep you guys in the loop with what we are throwing together.

So go down to your local Newsagent and pick up the November Issue of Fast Fours & Rotaries. Come on it is only $8.95, just bypass that Chicken Bacon Deluxe meal from maccas, even if it is amazingly delicious.


Just some shots of the feature for those interested.