I will start this off with an apology: sorry for the lack of posts lately… we have all been super busy getting shit ready for Jamboree, which happened this past weekend. As most of you will know, we decided to take a Downshift stand there to promote the site, show off proper cars and also sell some merch. It was really the first time Downshift was going public, and it had me so nervous I didn’t even sleep the night prior to the event. But the day went super well, with only a few small hiccups which we overcame. I think the crowds reaction to the cars we brought was nothing short of fucking awesome.

I planned a pre-meet so everyone could meet each other and then we could all roll out in one super badass car train. Snapped like 5000 necks on the way out to Willowbank Raceway where Jamboree was held… I don’t think people had ever seen so much fitment rolling past haha. All up about 20 or 21 cars met up for the pre-meet which was an awesome turnout considering the meeting time was 5am in the morning when it was still dark. Massive props to the guys who trekked ages to get the pre-meet on time, including the Gold Coast crew who met at a petrol station at like 4:15am which is insane dedication. The few Sunny Coast cars said they were doing like 140 to get there on time too, but the car train was definitely worth it.


This pic turned out pretty cool. It’s all dark and shit.


On the way out there were all these random fog patches scattered everywhere…was really cool to see. Too bad it was so damn cold on the way out. Seriously would have been somewhere in the region of negative 300 degrees.


This is probably my most favourite shot that I have ever taken…I just love how it turned out. Liam’s car looks so fucking badass when it is rolling. Those custom GTR pumped guards, massive GTCs and of course the noise from the 490rwhp RB26 that is sitting under its hood… this is what a four door GTR would look like if Nissan ever built one.

We got to Willowbank Raceway at around 6:40am which was awesome timing. However, no one decided to tell us that the gate for entrants opens at 7am so we had some organisers a bit pissed off that around 26 cars rocked up 20 minutes before they were ready. In the end, it was only a small hiccup and we got to parking all the cars and setting up our makeshift crib for the day. There were some other guys in the car show who got there early and were being dicks and not moving their cars, making us have to redo our whole layout. I am pretty sure if a crew of 26 cars needs you to move, you should probably just move.

After all the cars were lined up, bonnets were popped, cars were cleaned and food was eaten, the day went without a hitch. There will be more parts explaining more of the day coming soon. There’s way too much to talk about in one post, so here are my pics. Be mindful I was to busy yappin’ all day and hangin’ to get a shitload of pics, however lots of the guys had cameras so will just end up snaking their shots.


Jamie’s 14 looking hell clean as always, now sporting a new DMax roof spoiler. Gotta love how those VS-SSs sit under his guards too.


Jamie repping Downshift with Chris’s FD in the background.


Alex’s EG sitting fresh with his new Spoon lip.


Bobby’s EJ8 and Dave’s CRX with their hoods popped, flaunting their shit. I swear to god everyone was dropping jaws over Bobby’s K22 with trumpets.


This is section one of Honda-Land. We had all together nine Hondas on the stand (serious amounts of vtec). Seven of those Hondas were civics, so it was good to see people appreciating them as well, instead of instantly questioning why they don’t have black paintjobs with green neons.


Section two of Honda-Land. There is one EG missing from this shot, and that is Emilio’s. When I took this photo there were some doods checking out the zipties on his front bar. They were in deep conversation and yelling out numbers for some reason, so I’m guessing it was probably Neo and Morpheus arguing about the Matrix again.



The Honda posse had their fitment sorted that is for sure. Actually, everyone on the stand had their fitment sorted. So much love for these guys helping us push wheels/stance/fitment to the Australian enthusiasts. Less is more, yo.


Chris was saying he parked next to Brad’s S2000 just so he could get some of the crowd that Brad’s car draws. I don’t think he really needed it, considering everyone was gawking at his FD all day. It was dumped…MEGA DUMPED. And he was rocking his Midnight Tune dyno sheet in his guards, showing off that legitimate 600hp. Can’t argue with Japan.


Zak’s Volvo oozes rad. Those massive Diamond Racings are something you would expect to see on an American Car. Also, coolest plates around.


Ok story time yo. You can’t really see it, but there were these two dudes looking at Gus’s 32 GTR. They were fingering his rear windscreen mumbling about some shit, I assume it was something like “check this sealant out man, hella tight yo”. Anyway, you can’t see them because some folks walked into my snap.


Here is a shot of Gus and Sarah looking at these two dudes like “What the fuck?”. Seriously, some weirdass people getting around on the day.



Wherever Brad’s S2K goes it consistently has a crowd around it if the bonnet is popped. Not really hard to see why either, but check out old mate with the hectic video camera getting mad close ups of his engine bay. Also, always good to see my homies showing me some love.


Jamie rocked up a little late, due to being sick the past few days. But good to see him still show up and rep Downshift on the stand. Such an awesome example of an eight-six, especially with those massive SSR Reverse Meshes.


A closer look at the body work on Liam’s 32 four door. All custom widebody work, done by him and his mates. Massive respect for that shit.

A few of us decided to head down to see what the rest of the show and shine field looked like. Basically, if we had not of fronted with 26 cars they would have had like 20 cars entered with only a max of 3 decent ones…super lame. Downshift to the rescue.


Spotted this insanely clean 510 with polished Simmons FR19s under the guards and a trusy FJ20 under the bonnet. It took out top four door, and while I firmly believe Liam’s 32 four door should have won, this is a very deserving car.


Yeah nah, not even going to describe this. Really would love to see what the owner thinks of this. I mean, horses for courses and everything but seriously, no…just no.


Ferrari 360TT is cool if built right, unlike this example from the bling-kings at Queen Street. The Americans have proven low mount twins on Ferraris and Lamborghinis are where it is at in terms of outright performance. This thing ended up doing a 13.0 down the quarter, which is shithouse if you ask me (standing quarter in 12.6s, in standard form! – M). All show, no go, yet with the potential to go…confusing shit. It also won best wheels… I mean, any monkey can call up Asanti ask for some 112s in white. I think Ash’s custom BBSs on his EG school this thing personally.



We headed back the stand, got some chow from the food stand and played some Xbox. As it was getting late, I got up and got a few more snaps, before running into some peeps and chatting. Man I get distracted so badly.


Steve’s WRX looks oh so good. Rolling on Rota Grids and having a fully hectic leather interior (for sale if anyone is interested) and sporting a new carbon front lip and rear diffuser. It was easily a crowd favorite.


Only Subi missing is Alex’s RX, which you will spot in a few shots. I didn’t get any pics but I am sure the others did.


Nick’s 180 (have a go at his plates) and Dean’s 14 representing the Nissans.


Byrons GTi has possibly some of the most original wheels I have ever seen. Work Rezax in baby blue with gold fastening bolts. Saw so many people snapping pics of his wheels.


I’ll finish up with the view out of our stand. Looking at Charlie’s JZX100, which I fucking hate myself for not getting pics of considering it was easily one of the more popular cars on the stand. You can also see Jamie’s 86 and Alex’s RX.

That is it for today. More coming tomorrow, either from me or one of the other boys. So much shit to cover, and there will be a special post dedicated solely to the creeping from some of the lads haha.

Stay tuned.