My name is Ty, I’m the newest recruit to the Downshift crew. Some of you may know me as “FD JET” but now that the RX7 has been sold and is in new hands I have legally changed my name back to “Ty Isaak” :D.

Recently I made the spontaneous decision of selling everything I own (or close enough to it) and making the move over to Japan to see what all the fuss is about. My first outing with the camera in hand was to Shibuya, Tokyo, which is famous for the “Scramble Crossing” – the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world. So, before I show you the cars (and trust me, there’s loads over here), here’s a bit of culture!

Downshift Shibuya 43

Downshift Shibuya 44

After about an hour or so of sitting and staring, watching people come and go, and learning that you really have to run through the crossing to avoid getting stuck in the middle of it all, I decided to see what Shibuya has to offer all the readers back home. Ladies and gentlemen; Tokyo style cars! One thing is for sure, if you’re going to visit, be prepared to see some crazy cars!

Downshift Shibuya 7

Downshift Shibuya 16

Downshift Shibuya 31

Downshift Shibuya 22

The Tokyo people apparently don’t only settle for cars… So many of them are driving around on funny scooters! There are more scooters with aftermarket exhausts in Tokyo than there are cars. Chrome dress up and neon lights are regular attire on these things.

Downshift Shibuya 41

Foreign builds! I was shocked with just how many left hand drive and American built cars there are in Tokyo.

Downshift Shibuya 14

Downshift Shibuya 27

Fixies are a huge trend over here! They seem to be the coolest, cheapest and most practical way to get around the busy streets of Tokyo.

Downshift Shibuya 15

Downshift Shibuya 26

Flat tyres! This Lorinser Benz isn’t alone; plenty of cars in Tokyo have their spare wheels on. I have seen top of the line models running steel rims all round.

Downshift Shibuya 13

Fake Ferrari’s! No idea what this guy was thinking when he was building this car, but I cannot believe he thought it was a good idea to drive it into Shibuya! (Considering the amount of real Ferrari’s around Tokyo.)

Downshift Shibuya 37

Downshift Shibuya 38

Downshift Shibuya 36

F$#%NG expensive cars! We’ve all seen Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s on the street before but it’s the quantity of luxury and exotics in Tokyo that will have you snapping your neck from left to right non-stop.

Downshift Shibuya 1

Downshift Shibuya 17

Downshift Shibuya 18

Downshift Shibuya 35

Downshift Shibuya 34

Downshift Shibuya 42

All in all, Shibuya is one of my favourite parts of Tokyo. The people are awesome too!

Downshift Shibuya 29