This was supposed to go up on Friday of last week, but my computer just didn’t want me to finish it. So after some struggling and a reformat here is the next batch of the Top 10.


5. Dave’s Ek Civic

B Series builds rarely come as hardcore as this. The thing about Daves car is to the untrained eye it just looks like your every day commuting Civic, but this is far from the case. Dave built this car for track, he wanted something that was subtle enough to drive around on the street, but animal enough to drive around the track. So what better way to start than a 4 door Civic? It hasn’t always been a twin personality Civic, Dave actually raced the shit out of the car when it was running its stock B20 non vtec motor. Taking it to track days, learning the car, the track and the lines. Once he had the confidence and could not get any more out of the car, it was on to giving it a heart. What many people do wrong is they build an all out track car, before they are confident at the track and they then end up too scared to push the car, properly to its limits. This build has been along time coming and Dave has had his fair share of hiccups, but he pushed through, after countless track days where the car just didn’t want to work. He would go out, find a problem, go home fix it and then come out for the next track day, on occasion only getting 1 or 2 laps. Just for this persistence alone he deserves a place on the Top 10. But the fact he persisted and ended up with a car like this, nets him 5th.

Those with a keen eye would spot tell tale signs that this car is more than what it pretends to be. Straight away driving behind the car you can spot the polished control arms and semi slick tyres. Dave runs a fairly subtle and quiet exhaust so you definitely wouldn’t pick up on that. But once you get along side it, the distinct lack of interior, aggressive as shit J’s Racing front guards, 949 Racing 6UL wheels with a big Wilwood brake setup tucked neatly in behind them will confirm your suspicions that this, is not stock. Under the bonnet is a fully tucked and shaved built B20, spot the ITBs and Spaghetti as hell Bisimoto Headers. The work that has gone into this motor is pretty mind blowing, that includes a full JHH Engineering makeover matched with a DART block. I don’t want to delve too much into the specifics as we will be doing a feature on Daves car in the coming months. But Dave definitely proves the point to ‘Never judge a book by its cover’.


4. Brett’s L98 S14

The second and final NSW car on the list. In terms of  ‘Stanced’ cars it really does not get any better than Brett’s S14. Brett is far more well known as Reaper, thanks to his username and infamous RE34PR number plates. Brett was putting the finishing touches on the BN kit, paint and wheels towards the end of 2010. Back then he was running a fairly hypo SR20 setup, after ditching the RB26 due to blowing two of them up. Throughout the first half of 2011 he was at a tonne of drift days and was getting super famous on the internet, since he was “…that guy who drifts his slammed S14 with genuine BN Type 4 kit”. Fast forward to mid 2011 after a lot of drift days and internet appreciation, Brett decided to change things up, in a big way. Next thing you know, he is posting pics of an L98 and gearbox setup. That’s right folks, this horrifically low, stanced, BN kitted S14 is now powered by a monsterous,  cammed L98. Top that off with the fact that Brett is by no means afraid to skid this thing within an inch of its life and you have one of the most recognised cars in Australia and the internet.

Just for your viewing please here is a video a video and a taste of what this thing sounds like on full noise. This was a local skid pan session, in which reaper managed to get kicked off for being ‘too loud’ and flicking rocks at people. One of the organisers said that the car was easily around 180db which is obviously impossible, but still. Something to be proud about.

Reaper’s L98 S14 gets you wet – HnR from Scott Mitchell on Vimeo.


3. Mercury Motorsport/GT Auto Garage R35 GTR’s

It should be no real surprise that these two cars are on the list. In fact apart from Ty landing on the list again with his new car, the Mercury Motorsport R35 is the only car to repeat it’s appearance on the list. Last year coming in 4th, so they jumped up a position for the 2011 list. First off the reason these two are only 3rd, even though their builds are probably 5-10x more intricate and full on than anything else on this list, they are full on track cars, only seen racing never able to be driven on the street. With that aside it is no denying that these two are deserving, they lead the way in Australian Time Attack. Internationally known as two of the most hardcore prepared R35 Time Attack cars, these two are leagues ahead of anything else. While it is common to see BNR Skyline obsessed enthusiasts, Mark (MM) and Drew (GT AUTO) are truly R35 enthusiasts, with both of them owning a daily R35 and then these as their track cars. See these two run punch for punch with the Japanese heavyweights at World Time Attack was certainly something, and I think next year could see one of these two taking top honours. Even with the Sun/Cyber team bringing out their own R35 after retiring the Evo.

Superlap 2011

Superlap 2011

The Mercury Motorsport R35 runs the AMS Alpha 10 kit, and last I heard was moving up to the insanity that is the Alpha 12. This is the most well known GTR kit thanks to the viral video of the AMS Alpha 12 GTR running a 9sec pass in street trim. That matched with the CCW 1 Piece wheels and custom carbon fibre aero and you have a truly formidable GTR.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

The GT Auto R35 runs the rival kit of the AMS Alpha 12, the HKS GT1000. Go figure that two workshops, which are basically sitting back to back geographically, both have two of the most full on Time Attack R35s in the country, and both run different turbo kits. GT Auto are the official distributor for HKS in Australia, so it was only fitting that they would go down the HKS path. The Gt Auto R35 runs a full carbon shell with a mind blowing 365point rollcage on the inside, which was custom made by the guys at Automotive Plus. On the outside they run two sets of TE37s. But both cars are looking at going to 20″ wheels as soon as semi slicks are available for them.


2. Varun’s 101 Motorsport R32 GTR

For anyone in the know, you will understand entirely why this car stands in the 2nd spot. A 9.56 @ 153mph in full street trim, nothing taken out and on street tyres. This car is on another level to any of the other street GTR’s getting around in Aus, the only thing that would be considered competition for Varuns 32 is the famous ‘JUN’ from Canberra. I know this car was not built mainly in 2011, I also realise that it was not seen as much as many other cars on the list. But Varun brought it out for Powercruise, Jamboree and the CHR Drag Day, got the car running and with a myriad of gearboxes by his side ready to take punishment. Match that with frankly insane quarter mile time and you can now understand why it sits where it does on the list. I have spoken to Varun, and when time permits we will be doing a feature on this car, so I don’t really want to spoil too much about it. RB28, running twin turbos, not a big single, the rest can be left to your imagination for now. It has always been one of the leaders in big powered GTRs in Queensland, having been around the scene for many years, but 18OMU as it seems, is back in business and easily placed the crown on top of its head.

CHR Drag Day

CHR Drag Day


Number 1 will be posted Tomorrow night, so check back then.