Here at Downshift we pride ourselves on organising and providing what has become no doubt, the premier car meet in Queensland. With attendance records growing from month to month in leaps and bounds, it has somewhat become a passion for us organisers.

The recent November meet held at Rocklea showgrounds drew a crowd never seen before at DS, with an estimated 950 cars passing through the gates, and over 1500 like-minded individuals.

Having spent the afternoon behind the camera, it was clear the pride and passion people had for their rides. Recent times have proven difficult for enthusiasts and the general car community with new laws and heavy police presence around every corner, cracking down on what many see as just revenue raising. Police presence at Downshift has always been on our side, and all thanks to the hard work and organisation of everyone involved at Downshift, including the attendees who conduct themselves in an exemplary way.

Variety is the key to any event, and variety this month was definitely present, cars ranging from this 318i Beems

to a stunning Porsche 911GT

as well as several stanced E92 M3s representing the Euros.

Silvias, Skylines, Dattos and Mitsubishis seemed to be the drawcard for the Japenese market, and as usual, were out in full force

as was the odd muscle car,

and even a trio of hand crafted cafe racers.

I’ll let the rest of the pics do the talking now and thankyou to everyone who in some way, shape or form participated and behaved as asked.  Lets hope it stays that way, enabling us to enjoy and share the passion and the industry we love.

To see a ton more photos and videos, check on the forum.

To finish it all off, a massive shoutout and thankyou to Matyas, Rory, Andrew, Dan and the rest of the DS crew for once again, peicing together yet another awesome event and venue. Cannot wait for the next one :-)

Signing out:

Mitchell Rowe


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